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Armory (Zeughaus, 1642, one of the world’s largest still containing its original installations, more than 29,000 weapons); Cathedral (Dom, 15th c., built by Emperor Friedrich III, Baroque high altar, numerous Renaissance tombs); Eggenberg Palace (built by Italian architects, 1625-1635,4 buildings connected by comer towers, elegant arcaded court); Franciscan Church (Franziskaner Kirche, started in 1330, choir); Hauptplatz (main square with beautiful houses roofed with brown tiles such as the Luegg House, 17th c., stucco-decorated facades, arcades); Landhaus (built by the Italian architect Domenico dell’Allio, 3 tiers of arcades, beautiful balconies, staircases and loggias, 16th c., seat of the Landtag-Provincial Diet); Mausoleum (tomb of Emperor Ferdinand III, first half of the 17th c., a domed structure); St. Paul’s Gate (Paulustor, the last remainder of the town’s fortifications, late 16th c.); Schlossberg (a hill, 120 m (400 ft), once a fortification, today: many gardens and varios terraces from which there are pleasant views on the town and the Mur valley) with Clock Tower and Bell Tower.

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Austria Travel Guide

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