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  CULTURAL CONTRIBUTIONS The close proximity and easy access to cultural organizations located in the District of Columbia overshadow some of the cultural contributions of the Latino population... Read more

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Puerto Ricans and Cubans Join the Mexicans The United States emerged as a superpower after World War II. A period of rapid economic growth and modernization started at... Read more

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Citizenship status is thought to confer many benefits that should put migrant populations on a trajectory to the middle class. As previously noted, Latinos in Maine are predominantly... Read more

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Massachusetts passes the first mandatory bilingual education transition program in the United States as a result of demographic shifts and the work of activists in the Commonwealth. Cambridge... Read more

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The presence of Ecuadorians in Chicago can be traced back to the mid-twentieth century. Ecuadorians came to Chicago primarily in two waves. Initially, they migrated to Chicago from... Read more

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Post-World War II Latino Migration Migration rates in Massachusetts dropped noticeably between the 1920s and 1960s, as the United States embraced tighter immigration laws that prevented Farmworkers being... Read more

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HISTORICAL OVERVIEW Until recently Indiana had been a state with a solid white majority of over 90 percent. However, a steady shift in the demographic composition of the... Read more

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NOTABLE LATINOS Fernandez Cavada, Federico (1831-1871). A lieutenant colonel in the Union Army until his capture in the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, Fernandez Cavada fought in the... Read more

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HISTORICAL OVERVIEW Early History As with other states along the eastern seaboard, Maryland’s first contacts with Latinos came as a result of exploration. Governor Menendez the Aviles is... Read more

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Mexican Nationals and Latinos: 1940s-1950s The Latino experience in Iowa during 1940s included demographic growth, community building, and strong support for the Allied war effort when the United... Read more

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Churches and Religious Organizations Churches are an important institution for Latinos, not only because they provide support, but also because they help keep Latino culture alive. Both Catholic... Read more

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Kentucky bibliography Rich, Brian L., and Marta Miranda. “The Sociopolitical Dynamics of Mexican Immigration in Lexington, Kentucky, 1997-2002: An Ambivalent Community Responds.” In New Destinations: Mexican Immigration in... Read more

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Notable latinos Yepes, Carlos (1952-). Carlos Yepes, the Peter M. Small associate professor of Romance languages at Bowdoin College, is the author of Oficios del goce: Poesia y... Read more

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Development of Latino Organizations Latinos in Maine have begun to develop social institutions to help them keep a strong sense of identity. The Latin Community Council of Maine... Read more


CHRONOLOGY 1890s Thanks to railways, Mexican migrants start to participate in Indiana and other midwestern states’ labor market. 1911 Manuel Lara is the first Mexican to settle in... Read more