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Suzuki’s account of things ran like this: ‘You have wonderful good luck. Nobody understands. They rush to pull you out before the fire catches. You must be dead.... Read more

New Zealand Climate Map

New Zealand Climate Map Cornish Point Nigel Greening already owned Cornish Point vineyard when he purchased Felton Road from the Elms family. The high success rate of wine... Read more

China Map Detailed

Next morning Father Gherzi looked worried. The typhoon had destroyed 2,000 houses in the Ryukyus, the string of islands between Formosa and Japan. The Japanese had refused me... Read more

Trip To China

In the morning, my first concern was to find out about the weather over the Yellow Sea between China and Japan. The sea crossing was 538 miles, and... Read more

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‘I represent the North China Daily News. I am a South African and a globe-trotter like yourself and a keen airman like yourself.’ On board the launch I... Read more

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EN ROUTE FOR CHINA In the morning Ovens motored me to Taihoku where I had been ‘commanded’ to meet the Governor-General. At his palace we were ushered into... Read more