Australia Flag

I swung round and headed for the middle of the island. I recalled the warning of the Admiralty Sailing Directions that ships passing within a mile and a... Read more

Flag Of Australia

Looking ahead I could see dark grey rain-clouds squatting on the horizon – bad weather. That seemed more than I could bear. I felt empty of any courage.... Read more

Map Of Arctic

Terry arrives on her own and drives us to the Narwhal Inn near the airport to rest for a few hours and also gives us back the liner... Read more

Map Arctic Circle

Pam prepares a delicious meal for us, steaks, sweetcorn, mushrooms, potatoes, followed by several kinds of cookies, Canadian style. This is washed down by punch, orange juice and... Read more

Map Arctic

The luggage is loaded on to a trailer attached to a snow tractor and it trundles off at a leisurely pace to the actual camp. We set off... Read more