Winter Canal Fishing Tips

Catfish Wherever there are dodgy anglers, maverick species can crop up. And with the catfish we find here, the wels, being an adaptable, long-lived and highly predatory species,... Read more

Hennepin Canal Fishing

Barbel Now we’re really starting to lose the plot! But is the idea of barbel on canals really so outrageous? These powerful fish certainly do find their way... Read more

Winter Canal Fishing

Silver Bream Often misidentified as skimmers (small common bream), the silver bream is marked by its smaller size, dark fins and comparatively large eye. They are only present... Read more

Sankey Canal Fishing

Mobile Methods If you are relatively new to pike fishing, or indeed a particular water, perhaps the best way to start is with lure or fly tackle. For... Read more

Selby Canal Fishing

Roving the Cut Perhaps the best way to start fishing any canal for pike is to travel light and explore as much water as possible. Techniques are a... Read more

Union Canal Fishing

CHUB Although the chub is widely regarded as a classic British river species, their widespread presence on many canals more than merits special attention. Nor are these solid... Read more