Map of Texas

The Mexican War of Independence and the Republic of Texas In 1810, Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costillo and his followers seized the prison at Dolores, Mexico, beginning Mexico’s... Read more

Fishing: Pickerel

Pickerel, Esox niger, are widespread in Maine’s warmwater ponds, lakes, and streams. These members of the pike family are splashy fighters and are easily taken on artificial lures,... Read more

Map of Virginia

Latino Migrant Life in Post-9/11 Virginia Virginia Latinos have significantly reconfigured the demographic composition of long-established communities in only a couple of decades. Their visibility has become increasingly... Read more

Travel to Philadelphia

Philadelphia cultural contributions Latino cultural contributions in Pennsylvania are most evident in Philadelphia, the city with the earliest and most sustained contact with Latin America. One sees these... Read more


Berry-Caban, Cristobal. Hispanics in Wisconsin: A Bibliography of Resource Materials. Madison: State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1981. Erenburg, Mark. âœObreros Unidos in Wisconsin.❠Monthly Labor Review 91 (June... Read more