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HISTORICAL OVERVIEW Over the last quarter century the Latino population in Idaho has dramatically increased, as it has nationally. The 2000 Idaho census showed 101,690 people of Workers... Read more

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In addition, the Virginia Company initiated a program called “headright,” which offered fifty acres of land to emigrants who could pay their own passage and an additional fifty... Read more

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Explorers Francisco Gordillo and Pedro de Quexos explore the Atlantic Coast from Florida to Cape Hateras, North Carolina. Explorer Lucas Vazquez de Ayllon founds the first named European... Read more


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Delaware BIBLIOGRAPHY Borland, Katherine. Creating Community: Hispanic Migration to Rural Delaware. Wilmington, DE: Delaware Heritage Press, 2001. Caldwell, Christopher. “Hola, Delaware! How Guatemalan Immigrants Changed a Small American... Read more

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As one of the first areas of the New World to be “discovered” by Spain, Puerto Rico has a long and complex colonial history. Christopher Columbus’s party landed... Read more

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NOTABLE LATINOS Camacho Souza, Blase (1918-). Camacho Souza founded the Puerto Rican Heritage Society in 1980, and he is also the project director of the Puerto Rican House... Read more


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