Yellowstone Hiking Map

TICKS Related to scorpions and spiders, ticks live in damp, vegetative conditions (woodlands, bracken and long grass) particularly where sheep and deer are found. Latching on to passing... Read more

Boulder Hiking Map

BITERS The great outdoors is a dangerous place, and the bluffer should be aware of this. Sometimes the countryside doesn’t like you traipsing all over it, and it... Read more

Kauai Hiking Map

Fabric Lightweight boots for lightweight hikers. Walking shoes An ordinary shoe with a beefed-up rubber sole. More for show than getting dirty and negotiating harsh terrain. The hiking... Read more

Yosemite Hikes Map

NATIONAL TRAILS The creme de la creme of long-distance routes are the National Trails. These are the most famous names, the ones that are funded by central government.... Read more

Hiking Maps

NORTH, NORTH AND NORTH Never cry, ‘Which way is north?’ because hikers will realise that you are not really ‘one of them’. When you want to know which... Read more

Katahdin Hiking Map

The problem with bearings is that a very minor mistake can lead to a major disaster. A bearing that is 2° out sounds minimal, particularly when you remember... Read more