Santorini Map Distances

The most important sectors of the island’s economy were farming, pastoralism, fishing and shipping. Our evidence for this is the discovery of ancient jars filled with barley seeds,... Read more

Map Of Port Glasgow

200 St Vincent Street St Andrew, Allegorical Figures and Associated Decorative Carving Sculptors: Archibald Dawson; Mortimer, Willison& Graham (1926-29; 1953) Among the work on display here is a... Read more

Kensington Palace London

The magnificent eighteenth-century Orangery, situated within the grounds of Kensington Palace where Queen Victoria was born, is a busy and bustling place for tea, but one which still... Read more

Map Of Glasgow Centre

Argyll Chambers 28-32 Buchanan Street Pair of Allegorical Female Figures Sculptor: James M. Sheriff (attrib.) (1903-4) The two personifications on this building have been identified as Industry on... Read more

Map Of Glasgow Area

Former Glasgow Evening News Building 67 Hope Street Two Seated Female Figures and Associated Decorative Carving Sculptor: Not Known (1899-1900) Sitting high above either side of the largely... Read more

Cape Town Map

Cape Town has a rich architectural heritage. Have you ever stopped for a moment and wondered what lies beyond the facades of the buildings you most probably drive... Read more

Holiday in Santorini

In 1932, Spyridon Marinatos was struck – while digging at Am-nissos in Crete – by the violence with which a Minoan villa had been destroyed and by the... Read more