Asmara Ethiopian Restaurant US Map & Phone & Address

739 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge; (617) 864-7447 Of Boston’s several Ethiopian restaurants, Asmara in Central Square seems to be the least expensive. The food is wholesome and hearty, with all dinner prices under $9.

You’ll probably notice there is no silverware on the tables. Ethiopian food is meant to be eaten with your hands, but you can have utensils if you prefer. Most orders come with in-jera bread, which is more like an open crepe. The waiter doles your food out onto the pancake, and you dig in tear a piece of bread and use it to scoop up the food.

Many of the dishes are like thick stews, in either mild or spicy sauces.

Alicha fitfit, for example, is diced beef with bits of carrot, rice, and pp-tato; Asmara tibbs has beef sauteed with onions, green chilies, and butter. In fact, herbed butter flavors a lot of these dishes.

There are also chicken, lamb, and vegetarian entrees, many with a Middle Eastern style to them. The food is delicious. Be sure to have a cup of Asmara tea with it Open seven days.

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