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Travel Style While similar to the topic of Travel Experience, travel style is an essential factor when planning a trip. It’s important to keep in mind that travel... Read more


Austria is a precious little country where a good share of the farmers turn innkeeper for the summer. Almost $6 billion a year is derived from tourism. The... Read more

Austria Map

Travel through Austria is easy via excellent roads or rail. No one should miss Salzburg (salt town) sitting on the Salz River. Its early importance came from its... Read more


TRAVEL TO HISTORY The Celtic settlement (1 BC) became the Roman fortress ‘Lentia’ (from 400 AD) a carolingian castle settlement (Carl the Great erected here a royal court... Read more

Austria Map

TRAVEL TO HISTORY The name of the city originates from the Slav word “gradetz” or “gradec” meaning “castle” and referring to the fortress which was built on the... Read more


On a bend between the rivers Danube and Traun lies Linz the capital of Upper Austria. Linz with its 200,000 inhabitants is the third largest city of Austria... Read more