It takes up to 30 minutes to regain night vision after exposure to white light. When approaching a dark site for stargazing, it is considered good etiquette to... Read more


EAST OF EDMONTON East-central Alberta visitors enter the heritage district known as the Kalyna (pronounced kah-LEHN-ah) Country Ecomuseum, a multicultural area where visitors can see historical attractions in... Read more

Boyle Edmonton Map

BOYLE Directions: Exit Edmonton on Hwy 28A east; turn left at Hwy 831. Distance: 149 km, or about 1 hour and 56 minutes, from Edmonton. Info: 780-689-3643; Read more

Athabasca Landing Trail

Location: Look for the trailhead at the end of 45th Street (the first southbound street after the bridge that crosses the Tawatinaw River) in Athabasca. Info: Snowmobiles and... Read more

Blue Heron Trail & Map

Location: Start at 48th Avenue and 50th Street, next to the Paddle River Golf Course’s 9th hole. Info: 780-674-2532. The Blue Heron Trail winds through various town parks... Read more