Top 10 Islands You Can Buy

We’ll be counting down our picks for the top ten islands you can buy. Are you a fan of our posts? Be sure to comment to travel and Ring the bell to be notified about our latest posts. For this list, we’re looking at islands around the world that you can buy right now, at least as of early 2021. If you’ve ever dreamed of carving out your own slice of paradise, this list is for you.

Number 10 Bonefish Cay Belize

top 10 islands you can buy
What comes to mind when you think of owning your own island? Usually it’s being rich and famous, but The thing is islands around the world come in many shapes and sizes. So while you might need to spend a fortune to buy, say, a private island villa, getting a private island can actually be done for under 70,000 U.S. dollars. Bonefish Cay not to be confused with a similarly named island in the Bahamas selling for over $8 million. Is located off the coast of San Pedro, Belize. Bonefish Cay is a quarter acre in size and lies just a mile and a half from the mainland. Conveniently close to the town of San Pedro with no development to speak of. The island is a blank slate, but with its stunning sunsets and ample opportunity for outdoor activities like fishing and paddle boarding, it’s got a lot of potential.

9 Tierra Oscura Island pair Panamá
top 10 islands you can buy 1
Believe it or not. $3000 more you can get two islands. That’s right. This tiny pair of islands in Panama is up for grabs for the rock bottom price of just $120,000 with a combined area of just over a quarter acre of land. These islands might be small, but they pack a lot of value. The Tierra Oscura region is known for its abundance of wildlife, including howler monkeys who can often be heard in the distance. Like a call to adventure below the surface. Of the inviting waters, one can find an entirely different world just waiting to be explored from your new island home. It’s as simple as throwing on some snorkeling gear and slipping beneath the waves. Diarra Oscura is also known for its mangroves, which are a pleasure to explore by kayak. Just 30 minutes away from local amenities and restaurants by boat, this deal is paradise at a discount.

8 majestic Island Wisconsin looking for something a bit more moving

top 10 islands you can buy 2

Ready, well, it turns out that you can get a one acre island of your very own, complete with a cottage for just $329,000. And while you might be dreaming of vacationing in far off tropical destinations, there’s something to be said for the convenience of investing in property in the United States. Just about an hour from Milwaukee. Plus what you miss in terms of colorful tropical fish you gain with the changing of the leaves in the fall. Everyone’s looking for the idyllic. Waterfront retreat here you get all the classic cottage charms but with water on all sides, ensuring peace and quiet. Plus Beaver Dam Lake is a great place for a variety of summer activities. From bird watching and fishing to kayaking, jet skiing and more going off grid for the weekend has never been so comfortable.

Number seven Manions island, Ireland

top 10 islands you can buy 3

How this impressive piece of land hasn’t been snapped up yet? We have no idea listed at under $300,000. Manions Island is an absolute steal considering it encompasses 4 acres of property located in West Cork, Ireland. The island is just a stone’s throw away from the mainland and Durrus village with the construction of an appear along the shoreline of Dunmanus Bay. This unique property is. More accessible than ever. A true Irish gem. Manions is blessed with a natural spring, which paired with the fact that roughly 60% of the land is fertile, makes it feel perfect for that agricultural project you’ve been dreaming of. With a bit of work, it could also make a truly unforgettable sight for camping or just your own personal retreat.

Number six Bocal Island, Nicaragua

top 10 islands you can buy 4

If you’ve ever fantasized about your very own Robinson Crusoe or Swiss family Robinson Island life, here’s your chance to make it a reality. Bocal Island in Nicaragua makes quite the impression as you approach rising from the Caribbean Sea, its palm trees swaying in the breeze. It feels at once wild and yet remarkably shaped by human hands. Staircases lead up from the short, rocky cliffs to the little Oasis. Of green. The property has been tastefully developed, complete with a pool, guesthouse, modest landscaping and railings that look out over some incredible views. Bocal Island is priced for quick sale based on the fact that it does need a fair amount of repairs, but with a bit of TLC this could really be the ultimate island getaway.

5 Duval island, Canada

top 10 islands you can buy 5

Located in Ontario, Canada, Duval Island is a beautiful little piece of Canadian wilderness. The Rocky Five and a half acre island boasts a dense covering of mature pine trees, making Duvall not only your own private island, but your private forest too, and for just $449,000 with a number of paths already established amidst the trees. This is an ideal place to walk and contemplate with a small portion of the island having been cleared for a summer home. However, this is really the best of both worlds. The beautifully designed four bedroom cottage has its. Own septic tank water and solar system making it perfect for unforgettable summers with the family. There’s also a guest house amidst the trees, which makes Duvall similarly great for entertaining. From the sandy beach to the various scenic lookout points, Duvall really has it all.

Number 4 Madhu Moot French Polynesi

top 10 islands you can buy 6

Those smaller than some of our previous entries, multiboot more than makes up the difference in terms of location for those seeking. A quintessential beach getaway surrounded by turquoise waters, look no further listed at just over $860,000, Multimate is a 1.2 acre island located in lagoon of the larger Taha Island, clean, well maintained and ready for the construction of a main building. Multimate is a perfect foundation upon which to build your own TaylorMade French Polynesian getaway. The island feels completely private but is conveniently located just. A few minutes from a local village and 30 minutes from the closest airport, white sands, coconut trees and an entire world of sea life waiting to be explored beneath the waters. What more could you want?

3 Sugah island Maine

top 10 islands you can buy 7

Located in Sebasticook Lake in the Newport area of Maine, this northern US Island offers a perfect balance of nature and modern comforts. Listed at $899,000, the property boasts. An impressive 17 acres of land, giving you quite the domain to call your own a bird watcher’s paradise. The natural environment is home to a wide variety of species as well as ample opportunities for fishing trails. Lead through the island’s serene Evergreen Forest which includes the tsuga hemlock trees from which the island takes its name. The island also has a number of sandy beaches to be enjoyed on sunny days. As for the House, it boasts high ceilings, 3 bedrooms. Heated floors and all the finishing touches you could want. Unlike most of the islands on our list, Sugah is actually accessible by car and being just a few minutes away from downtown Newport, it’s really an unparalleled option in terms of convenience.

Number two last Sestina Island, Argentina


top 10 islands you can buy 9

Some people are just looking for a quiet retreat to call home. Others really want a Kingdom to call their own, so to speak, with a total of 1730 acres of land, Lassus, Tina Island squarely fits into the latter category and what a Kingdom it is. Roughly 300 miles from Buenos Aires, Laguna Del Monte is a beautiful freshwater lake that’s home to two islands, last systena being the smaller of the two. The island’s tasteful villa provides largely unobstructed views of the land in all directions. Accessible by boat or plane, the island has its small runway, Lassus. Tina is a fantastic choice for anyone with a passion for wildlife. The local fauna includes antelope, deer, otters, hares, pheasants, Peacocks, flamingos and more. Whether you dream of opening your own boutique resort or using it as a private retreat for friends and family at $1.5 million. Last SESTINA presents a unique opportunity.

Number one Double Bay islands Honduras

top 10 islands you can buy 11

With only a fraction of the land of our previous entry. 1.2 acres, Doubleday might seem steep at $1.59 million, but when you take a closer look at this pair of islands, the value quickly becomes evident. First and foremost, location really is everything when it comes to islands close to not one, but two international airports. This property is located in the highly coveted Bay Island area. Honduras is known for its crystal clear waters, resorts, dive sites and beautiful beaches. With this property you get all of the above, yes, including a resort. The larger of the two islands is home to a boutique style resort building complete with a communal dining area. There is also a private rental property near the main house. As for the second smaller island, it’s essentially a clean slate, providing an opportunity to really put your own stamp on the property from its soft. Sandy Beach and stunning ocean views to the nearby shops and sea life. Double Bay Islands really is paradise.

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