So for this post. I’ve teamed up with Telus Ontario’s largest mobile network to go explore Ontario with a catch. So with a brand new iPhone 7 from Telus.

I went onto my social media and. I asking, you guys where. I should go in using your suggestions.

And the Telus mobile network let’s see what, you chose for me. I was forgetting on us in Ontario. I always think it to go back, but actually, it’s an Ontario.

Ontario Photo Gallery

So thank, you City hearts Claire dodges to. And Karina. And xo4 you’re wonderful Ottawa recommendation.

So behind me is the Riedel canal which is a series of lakes chains. And canals. I spent 202 kilometers here in Ottawa is the National Historic Site however right now it doesn’t look all that impressive the waters a bit low because they’re getting prepped for skating season in the winter this becomes a huge ice-skating rink or, you can skate up.

And down oh hey is that a Parliament Hill behind me or is not a parliament hill behind me. So Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. And our government is based here in this building behind me, this is Parliament Hill, this is Parliament also continuation of Parliament more parliament over there aside from being home to our government Parliament Hill, it’s just freaking beautiful because of the amazing neo-gothic architecture that, you can see here which is actually really rare in Canada, you don’t really find Gothic architecture in Canada nothing like a good wilderness trail hike thank, you beanies.

And bikinis for recommending rocket under, this is a beautiful wilderness area now there are a couple different trails that, you can do here there’s a summit trail. And two other loops that are ranged from medium to easy difficulty level but I think, this is all we’re going to today cuz.

I got a lot more spots to visit here in Ontario. So let’s keep going unfortunately all the fairies. And as we have found out the tower are closed for the season.

So we’re kind of trying to see if. I could find a little bit of a viewpoint to show, you what there is and, you can see, this is where the votes would be in the summertime well right now know about now the Thousand Islands are a group of over 1,800 islands that are dotted all along the st. Lawrence River here that kind of span the mixture between Canada.

And the US. So thank, you to MK Patel. And Miranda the adventurer for suggesting the amazingly beautiful Thousand Islands although a bit closed for the season.

And very very windy Thank, you Indy laura99 Kingston does have a really cool Fort Fort Henry overlooking Kings yeah. I wish we could go inside, but again for Henry’s closed for the season. So another sign.

I’m gonna have to come back. And main visit. I’m just gonna beautifully windswept hair everywhere we go sure Johnny McDonald who’s from Kingston.

And tried to unite Canada by establishing a coast-to-coast railway it was a really big deal to get a coast-to-coast railway. I learned a lot about it in elementary school at high school because from BC. So they had to drill through the Rocky Mountains which was a disaster an absolute disaster o side no why didn’t nobody recommend going to tragically hip way as a thing to do here in Ontario because worth it Kingston worth it sidenote tragically hip are a very popular Canadian band that are from Kingston hence the reason why there’s a street named after them the one thing winter is good for is windsurfing.

And kiteboarding when it is this windy there are mass. And things fast way not so much for audio.

And hair, but good for wind sports we’re in sandbanks Provincial Park here in Prince Edward County. I don’t even know, you have sanded on a lake, this is Lake Ontario. So let’s go explore the sand dunes of sand banks Arial see Jones.

And Wonder, you should yes wonder. I did into this amazing Provincial Park great recommendations fantastic doges Lake Ontario one of the five Great Lakes of North America, this is the lake really missile Lake Oh Ben Vandenberg a broad abroad gentle Kelly Marie cattle coupe teddy jor-el. And the lights of tax thank, you part that way thank that will go that way well thank, you that way Skaar Baba Scarborough my butchered pronunciation.

And a Sun is setting. And it is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous came East Ecklie. And brick Corral amazing sunsets suggestion well.

I mean I added the sunset pardon, but, this is gorgeous what. And, it’s just outside of Toronto are, you freshwater are, you saltwater.

I’m gonna do the only test. I know how the only test to know how all right good luck, you, it’s definitely not salty, this is definitely Lake well. I hope, you guys got it awesome Ontario choose-your-own-adventure with me thank, you to everybody that submitted such wonderful suggestions they’ve all been fantastic, it’s been.

So easy and so much fun only using my fault to navigate all around Ontario using the Telus mobile network which is the largest in Ontario, it’s been really a great time thank, you again for your suggestions. And for coming along with me this post oh yes.

And don’t forget to comment to my youtube blog for more travel posts by me. ?

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