Masai Mara

Located in South West Kenya is the Masai Mara reserve, a continuation of the Serengeti. This game reserve is named after one of the tribes of Kenya remaining,... Read more

Hollywood, California Map

Hollywood, California — I’m holding my first Oscar and I’m uncharacteristically speechless. The little gold man is heavier than he looks, but part of that sensation may be... Read more

Mount Kilimanjaro

Towering high above northern Tanzania at a height of 5,882 metres (19,341 ft) above sea level is Mt Kilimanjaro. The mountain is translated to White Mountain which has... Read more


Know that immigration stamps from some countries are taboo. If you’re American, you don’t want a Cuban stamp in your passport; if you’re entering Israel, Palestinian stamps are... Read more

New Hampshire Map

McAuliffe-Shepherd Discovery Center- For all of us who remember watching in horror as the Challenger exploded, this Concord, New Hampshire museum holds special meaning. Named for the first... Read more