Oyster River

Key Species: brook trout, brown trout possible Best Way to Fish: wading Best Time to Fish: April through June MAG: 14, E-2

Description: Oyster River is really a good-sized stream. Dense streamside brush makes fishing here difficult, but also keeps fishing pressure to a minimum. The route described here is easy to follow and should present no problems. However, the upper reaches of Oyster River flow through the Rockland Bog, a vast, almost trackless wetland. Anglers and hunters have gotten lost in this wild area, ironic when you consider how close the bog is to the city of Rockland. Rockland offers plenty of motels, and campgrounds are located in South Thomaston, Warren, Camden, and West Rockport.

20 Oyster River

Fishing index: Some fly fishing is possible here, but casting is often difficult. You will do best by fishing downstream with small bucktails or streamers such as the gray ghost. So-called ”long lining” is effective here. Stand above a productive-looking pool and strip out line until all your fly line is in the water. Let the fly hang in the current, giving it an occasional twitch, then reel in quickly.

Bait fishing accounts for most of the trout taken here. A worm, slowly fished on the bottom or allowed to drift through the deepest pools, is sure to bring a strike.

Native brook trout and some carry-over brown trout from past stockings will be active from mid-April until late June.

Directions: From Rockport, drive west on Maine Route 90, following the signs for Warren. At the four-way intersection of Maine Route 90 and Maine Route 17, go straight. About 5 miles past the intersection, look for Beechwood

Street on the left. Look for a stream crossing about a mile down Beechwood Street. You can fish from the bridge on Beechwood Street all the way downstream to where Oyster River crosses Maine Route 131.

For more information: Contact the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Regional Fish and Wildlife Headquarters in Bangor.

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