Top 10 Underrated Asian Cities 2023

Welcome some travel, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top ten underrated Asian cities. Are you a fan of our posts? Be sure to comment to travel and Ring the bell to be notified about our latest posts. For this list, we’re looking at cities in Asia that, while unlikely to be at the top of your bucket list, have a lot to offer, with the added benefit of fewer tourists.

10 Taiwan

top 10 underrated asian cities 2021

Taiwan is by no means the most popular nation on our list today, the country is sometimes better known as a destination for business travel rather than conventional tourism. For those who do, visit Taiwan. However, Taipei is almost always the destination for an arguably more culturally enriching experience. However, we recommend visiting Tainan, which actually served as the nation’s capital for over 200 years. While only the 4th largest city in the country. Tainan is home to more than its fair share of sites and attractions including Fort Provintia and the Taiwan Confucian Temple, Taiwan as a whole is known for its excellent cuisine and Tainan is no exception. The danzi noodles are not to be missed and the city’s night markets are a great place to get immersed in the culture.

Number 9 Jakarta

top 10 underrated asian cities 2021 1

Indonesia when backpackers are planning an epic journey through Southeast Asia, there’s one nation that often goes. Unfairly overlooked Indonesia and that’s a shame because it’s a stunning and impossibly diverse destination with a lot to offer. Encompassing a staggering 17,000 islands today, however, were shining a spotlight on the capital city of Jakarta. It might not be quite as overlooked as other cities on our list today, but for a nation’s capital, it could certainly stand to get more love, a busy and vibrant destination. Jakarta is a patchwork. Of jam packed streets. Modern skyscrapers and hidden gems are waiting to be discovered because Indonesia spreads so far and wide. The people who call it home all have their own unique regional identities. Here in Jakart

8 Mandalay Myanmar when visiting Mian Mar

top 10 underrated asian cities 2021 2

Formerly Burma travelers most often spend the lion share of their time in the capital city. Of yanggang, while a worthy destination in its own right, Yang gang can be a bit overwhelming. Mian Mar second City, Mandalay, by contrast, is notable for its slower pace and more relaxed locals. It’s actually home to roughly half the country’s monk population, which makes sense given the abundance of monasteries and temples. For those with an interest in history and local culture, Mandalay is a must visit to get a stunning bird’s eye view of the city in all its glory. Be sure to climb Mandalay Hill, ideally at sunset, while in Myanmar. It’s also worth making time in your itinerary for molding young Delightfulee laid back and boasting a number of historic attractions, Myanmar’s fourth largest city is another underrated gem.

Number 7 Malacca City, Malaysia

top 10 underrated asian cities 2021 3

When people visit Malacca, it’s often for a simple day trip or stopping point on route to somewhere more high profile. More often than not, travel or skip it. Altogether, that’s a real missed opportunity. However, because Malacca City is incredibly charming, colorful, and welcoming, the capital city of the Malaysian state with which it shares a name, Malacca is modest in size with a population of just over a half million people. This gives it a real sense of intimacy and is likely a big factor in the city’s copious allure. Located South of Kuala Lumpur along the coast, the city boasts a wealth of ancient architecture, the historic center. Was actually named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the late aughts. Paired this small city with the Malacca River and surrounding countryside, and you get a very unique travel experience. Don’t miss the picturesque Red Square Sky tower or the city’s night market.

Number 6 Laos

top 10 underrated asian cities 2021 4

Luang Prabang is the spot that travelers visit in Laos and we can certainly understand the appeal. It’s quiet, beautiful and has 33 temples. So its name is certainly not lacking for cultural attractions, but its popularity is also to its detriment. The place can get a little crowded. The Lawson Capital City, by contrast, tends to go completely overlooked by everyone apart from locals and travelers from neighboring countries. VNC is home to just under a million people and boasts a wealth of temples and cultural attractions. Highlights include this stunning water along and what seen Moana. Just the name of you being the nation’s capital V NT, and also boasts a number of museums, including the Loud National Museum Hall, Pacquiao and Chi, Sompo Vihaan Museum throw in views of the MeKong River, Great shopping and mouth watering dining options. And you’ve got a great trip that’s easy on the wallet.

Number 5 Kanazawa, Japan

top 10 underrated asian cities 2021 5

Tokyo receives an overwhelming majority of travelers who visit Japan. For those who do venture beyond the capital. Cities like Osaka and Kyoto are usually next on the list, but kinda zahwa. Most people have never even heard of a place, let alone considered visiting, and that’s a real shame because this beautiful little city is really quite stunning. A stark departure from the neon lights and intense energy of Tokyo Kennesaw were felt rooted in Japanese tradition. The city escaped the Second World War with little damage, making it a must visit for anyone with an interest in historic architecture. Kanazawa Castle, the Kenrokuen Garden, is also a highlight, with the city having been connected to Tokyo by train in recent years, tourism is beginning to increase, but Canada will likely still have a good few sleepy and tourist free years ahead of it before the masses catch on. Still better to look sooner than later.

Number 4 Hue

top 10 underrated asian cities 2021 6

Vietnam photographers. This one’s for you, with all due respect to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Quay has arguably the best photo OPS in all Vietnam. Venture off the beaten path and visit the capital of two Etienne Way provinces. Here you’ll be rewarded with one of the country’s selected UNESCO World Heritage sites, the complex of Hue monuments, part of the larger Imperial City of Hue. This once served as the seat of the NOI and emperors back when it was actually the country’s capital. Today the city is home to only about 455,000 people, but. Countless testimonies to the high profile past remained to inspire locals and travelers alike. Its location is on the banks of the Perfume River. Imbue the entire city with a sense of picture perfect tranquility. That being said, who actually has a solid little nightlife scene making it a place of subtle but welcome contradictions.

3 Busan, South Korea

top 10 underrated asian cities 2021 7

This great city gives an international profile boost with the 2016 South Korean zombie flick. Train to Busan. Don’t worry though, it thankfully remains free from The Walking Dead. In reality, Busan is the economic and cultural hub of southeastern Korea, second only to Seoul. In terms of overall size and home to the country’s largest and most important port. And yet the shadow cast by soul is such that Busan is often relegated to a destination for domestic travellers. International visitors. We really think you’ll want to add Busan to your itinerary. Underrated City played a pivotal role in the Korean War and is therefore something of a melting pot of culinary traditions from across the country. It’s also known for its numerous Hot Springs, which make it a great place to relax, add in sandy beaches, trendy bars and various attractions, and you get one very well rounded coastal City.

Number 2 Chiang Mai, Thailand

top 10 underrated asian cities 2021 8

Bangkok is a fascinating city, but considering the fact that it constantly ranks among the most. Visiting cities in the world, if not the most popular, can be a little daunting for a crash course in Thai culture and city life with slightly smaller crowds. Set your sights on Chiang Mai, situated in the northern part of the country. Roughly 9 hours north of Bangkok by car, Chiang Mai makes for a compelling blend of Thailand, both new and old. Once the seat of the Lanna Kingdom, the city maintains a historic center that is rich in sights and attractions. Like the Chiang Mai National Museum, what Chevy long and what font now a quiet understated city. Chiang Mai always gives off the impression of being laid back despite his population of nearly one million people in the greater metropolitan area. Drive in any direction and you quickly find yourself in a green space. Chiang Mai’s crown jewel. Doitsu TEP sits atop a mountain overlooking the city and offers an incredible view.

Number one Hangzhou, China

top 10 underrated asian cities 2021 9

What are the top destinations that come to mind for this part of the world? Hong Kong is its own majestic self. Beijing is up there and so is the ever popular Shanghai. Chengdu has also been getting more attention in recent years. We’re looking for underrated destinations, however, and really, there’s no overlooked city in China. More deserving of our top spot than Hangzhou, the capital Zhong Province, Hangzhou is once known. For its economic importance, its rich history and the stunning natural environment surrounding the city. This is a metropolis complete with rolling green hills, the beautiful Westlake and countless historic temples. But it’s also got everything you could want in terms of nightlife, art, a foodie scene and modern culture. Though long a popular getaway for domestic travellers, Hangzhou has something for everyone.

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