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REKTANGO TO GROOVE TO SWEET TUNES Details about Rektango don’t appear on the Salamanca Arts Centre calendar despite it happening regularly for the past 12 years. Why? Because... Read more

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FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT Pardon? Are you talking to me? … Well, hel- lo to you too sailor! With such a friendly, flirty greeting, who could resist popping into... Read more

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WHERE THE GALLERIES HAVE NO NAME Melbourne can be such a show-off when it comes to its cultural (or in this case, subcultural) credentials, but Hobart has her... Read more

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HEAD UNDERGROUND FOR THE BEST IN SOUND Maths nerds go wild for a Mobius strip, but it’s unlikely you’ll find them semi-naked and pole dancing at Mobius the... Read more

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HANDMADE WITH HEART ‘All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.’ It’s as though this Federico Fellini quote was custom-made for Hobart’s Oyster and Pearl, a... Read more

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SMALL STREAM, BIG STORY The Hobart Rivulet is a small, pure waterway that’s been flowing down from Mount Wellington since ancient times. It is, in part, the reason... Read more

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KITSCH COASTAL COMMUNITY KITCHEN Some cafes are more than just a cafe. They’re places where people congregate and socialise; they help to build a community. Citrus Moon is... Read more

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GOLDEN GIRL STILL IN FULL GLORY They sure don’t make theatres like they used to. Take the Theatre Royal, positively ancient by Australian theatre standards, with its ‘straightback’... Read more

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MEET TASMANIA’S ORIGINAL CRAFT QUEENS We’re in the midst of an online craft revolution, with websites like giving us access to gazillions of beautiful handmade creations from... Read more

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MARKET GOODIES FOR ALL THE WORLD In 1872, travel writer Anthony Trollope enthused, ‘Tasmania should make jam for all the world’. Not only jam Mr Trollope! But also... Read more

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GREAT DESIGN, IN THE BAG The Japanese have long had a love affair with Tasmania, but for Kiyomi of Sashiko Design, it was a love affair with a... Read more