Map of Old Ghan Railway

Old Ghan is a literal trip down memory lane. If you camp somewhere along the dusty 230km track on the June long weekend you will be joined by 12,000 others who flock to the region to experience firsthand the Finke River Desert Race.

Scores of specially designed offroad vehicles, offroad buggies and bikes burn past in an effort to attain the title of King Of The Desert.

If flocks of people, dust and revving engines don’t float your desert boat, then try the Old Ghan Road in late Autumn. The numerous ruins dotted along the roadside were once, in days gone by, serviced specifically for the Ghan train.

The drive and road in itself is sandy, narrow, and heavy on fuel all the ingredients for fun. The track also skirts along the world’s best example of parallel dunal – the Simpson Desert.

Don’t forget Chamber’s Pillar at the northern end of the Old Ghan Road, accessed by the small indigenous community of Titjitikala (110km south of Alice Springs). The trip from Titjikala can take two hours, it is a fun drive in and will give you an opportunity to crack out a sand flag.

Lambert’s Centre of Australia is also just west of Finke and although it is not particularly a sight to behold, who doesn’t love the bragging rights of saying you have been to (or even slept) in the very centre of this country?


When you love winning as much as you hate losing, drivers like Rob MacCachren find a way to come out on top. And for 40 years BFGoodrich has been the one constant behind any driver looking to dominate in the desert.

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