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Resolutions We fly across some of the wildest country in the world with superb views of rugged ice ranges, ravines of blue-white snows and so many secret and... Read more

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The bow waves rumbled with a hint of distant thunder, and in the cabin I could hear them breaking and rushing along the hull. It was a delightful... Read more

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Antarctica is also the iciest place on Earth and is capped by an ice sheet up to 4,800 metres at its thickest part but on average it is... Read more

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Our Land: Nunavut 1 April 1999 is possibly the most historic date in the history of the Inuit. On that date an area of land, bigger than Western... Read more

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Stromness Bay. Three months later, arriving by 30 August, Shackleton returned to Elephant Island to rescue his entire crew, not losing one; a survival record totalling 590 days... Read more

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I said, ‘It seems all right to me; in fact Sheila and I were saying how attractive the yacht looked.’ ‘Oh well,’ said Robert, ‘if you are satisfied,... Read more

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‘It’s cancer all right; the negative report means only that it is not active at the moment. That often happens.’ Sheila persuaded the chief surgeon to carry out... Read more