Travel Experience

Travel Experience As a casual weekend hiker would you enter an Ironman contest with a veteran Ironman contestant? Probably not. Why? Because your goals, experience, conditioning, and approach... Read more

Racism in Travel

Racism in Travel When I first penned a blog post on the racial realizations outlined in this chapter, I was concerned about how it would be received. Writing... Read more

Travel Style

Travel Style While similar to the topic of Travel Experience, travel style is an essential factor when planning a trip. It’s important to keep in mind that travel... Read more

Transportation of Travel

Transportation of Travel Getting around Southeast Asia was surprisingly easy. I was expecting miserable chicken buses completely over packed with smelly people while finding myself trapped for hours... Read more

New York Map Download

‘Why not send the story of my record attempt by radiotelephone every day?’ A New Zealand magazine had bought a similar story from me on my 1936 flight.... Read more