New Zealand Wine Map

New Zealand Wine Map The natural environment Was Bragato right in his favourable assessment of Hawke’s Bay’s natural environment for the vine? From a climatic perspective, the answer... Read more

South New Zealand Map

South New Zealand Map Well, at that time Kim was probably at the cutting edge of the industry. He had varietals, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Pinot Noir, just table wine.... Read more

New Zealand City Map

New Zealand City Map The third category, an increasingly important site for viticulture, is the gravel terraces of the main rivers that are extensive at elevations of about... Read more

Taupo New Zealand Map

Taupo New Zealand Map The right to plant vines Between 1973 and 1977, Montana was the only enterprise planting vines in Marlborough. By the time other landowners applied... Read more

New Zealand Outline Map

New Zealand Outline Map In the late 1980s, Montana were seriously considering their future in Hawke’s Bay while increasing the proportion of grapes they grew in-house. Their wider... Read more

Tomtom New Zealand Map

Tomtom New Zealand Map Chris Pask entered winegrowing in a quite different way. His knowledge is richly empirical. As a topdressing pilot running his own company he knew... Read more