Top 10 Destinations in Australia for 2022

We’re counting down our picks for the top ten destinations in Australia for 2022. Are you a fan of our posts? Be sure to comment to travel and Ring the bell to be notified about our latest posts. For this list, we’re looking at the most compelling destinations in the country of Australia, including cities, towns and parks.

Number 10 Perth

top 10 destinations in australia for 2022

Our journey begins in the capital of Western Australia, the coastal city of Perth. As the 4th largest population center in the country, Perth often gets overlooked by travelers in favor of the more high profile destinations for those who have the time in their itinerary. However, this coastal city has a lot to offer, easygoing and extremely livable. Perth is blessed with ample greenspace, consistently lovely weather and welcoming locals. Despite being the most. Isolated city of its size on Earth, this coastal gem has a very worldly quality to it. The food bar and art scenes are all booming and tapped into international inspiration. Plus the city benefits from its isolation and lack of major tourism in terms of overcrowding. It’s not really an issue. Perth might just be the clean, refreshing and relaxed city destination you’ve been looking for.

Number 9 Rottnest Island

top 10 destinations in australia for 2022 1

If you’re an animal lover, we suspect that Australia. Has long been at the top of your bucket. List mammals, reptiles, fish, and phibians 83 to 93% of all creatures in Australia can’t be found anywhere else. The country as a whole offers a plethora of animal centric adventures, with Kangaroo Island being a great place to see its namesake marsupial. If you’re looking for maximum cuteness, though, we highly recommend making the trip to Rottnest Island. The island is famous for its Quaker population, a small breed of marsupials. Known for being incredibly friendly and almost too cute to handle. While the Quakers offer plenty of photo OPS, it’s important that you maintain a respectful distance and not feed the animals. Maintain a respectful distance though, and will likely leave with a massive smile on your face plus the location of Rottnest Island makes it a perfect day trip from Perth.

Number 8 Broome

top 10 destinations in australia for 2022 2

Also known as Ruby to the local Yaru people. The coastal town of Broome is just about one of the prettiest destinations in all of Australia, and even by the country’s high standards. It’s quite unique. Located on Australia’s northwestern coast, Broom has developed a reputation as being among the country’s most picturesque beach destinations. Cable Beach offers pristine white sand and stunning turquoise waters, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Broom and the Greater Kimberly area offer a plethora of natural attractions and experiences to enjoy. These include the red cliffs of Gorm, tomb point, the horizontal falls and of course, the area’s ever popular sunset camel rides. Consider yourself warned, this place will absolutely still your heart.

Number 7 Whitsunday Islands

top 10 destinations in australia for 2022 3

Can’t get enough of that beach life. Then Australia has got you covered. Located on the complete opposite side of the country, the width. Sunday Islands offers some of the most stunning beach views in Australia. Made up of 74 islands in all the Whitsundays often draw comparisons to such high profile destinations as at the mall deves, fishing, snorkeling, sunbathing, cruising, the crystal clear waters. There’s really no way to go wrong when visiting the area. Five of the 74 islands have resorts that you can call home base, but with the majority of the remaining islands being uninhabited, there’s ample opportunity for exploration. Beach camping is also an option on several islands. The Whitsundays location close to the Great Barrier Reef also makes them extremely popular, with divers looking to explore this natural wonder

Number 6 Byron Bay, located in New South Wales

top 10 destinations in australia for 2022 4

Byron Bay is a coastal town that has long been attracting travelers with its promise of Sun, sand, sea and excellent surfing. Once a bohemian surfing destination, it’s definitely been changed by tourism overtime, but not to such a degree. That has lost its charm nowadays. Visitors can enjoy a beach vacation, visit world class restaurants and attend one of the towns. Various festivals that occur throughout the year. Popularity such as this usually comes with skyrocketing accommodation prices, but the local property rentals available really offers something to meet every budget. Best of all, the weather in Byron Bay is such that there’s really no such thing as a bad time to visit skydiving farmers markets well, watch outdoor yoga classes. And art lessons. Byron Bay is a family friendly destination that’s truly got it all number five.

Cairns Australia

top 10 destinations in australia for 2022 5

Encompasses a staggering variety of ecosystems, landscapes and climates. Well that can make trip planning a bit overwhelming for completionists. It also means that you can find a destination for just about every taste. Looking to add a mini tropical getaway to the itinerary. Then it’s time to book yourself some time and cans. The city has roughly 150,000 people. Is located in far North QLD and has become quite popular with backpackers, bars, city pools plus the lagoon and Esplanade make for quite the unique getaway not to mention the many neighboring beaches like the Whitsunday Islands. Kearns is also close to the Great Barrier Reef and it’s actually considered the go to home base for exploring the iconic dive spot. It’s become a bit touristy but the surrounding area makes it a must visit for adventurous travelers nonetheless.

4 Tasmania

top 10 destinations in australia for 2022 6

Now for something a little different, Australia’s southernmost state Tasmania has long attracted travelers with the promise of pristine wilderness and fascinating wildlife encounters and with roughly 40% of the land being protected from any sort of development as national parks and preserves, it more than delivers on that front. But Tasmania is far more diverse than people realize, in addition to all the hiking, kayaking and animal sightings TAS. Post a plethora of cultural festivals. It’s also become a foodie hub thanks to the abundance of local produce, not to mention the amazing cold climate wine. Don’t get us wrong, the natural spaces and wildlife are the main draw and starring attractions of any trip to Tasmania. But the city of Hobart is not to be missed too often dismissed as little more than a home base for travelers, the city has much to offer in its own right.

Number 3 Purnululu National Park Australia

top 10 destinations in australia for 2022 7

Certainly isn’t short on beautiful natural spaces, and thankfully over the years the country has gone above and beyond to ensure that its most important ecosystems are preserved between the Commonwealth National Parks marine parks and the hundreds of parks managed at the state level. There’s really an endless variety of spaces to be discovered. They really deserve a list of their own. Today, however, we’re going to discuss Purnululu National Park, which stands out with its iconic sandstone. Domes casually referred to as simply, Bungle, Bungles by locals. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is remote, pristine and utterly stunning. There are two campgrounds on site and only minimal services, so some viewers may prefer to see purnululu via a helicopter ride. For those who venture into the park, however, you’re rewarded with great hikes, stunning sunsets and a unique ecosystem.

2 Sydney

top 10 destinations in australia for 2022 8

It’s all due to its size and place of prominence. Australia’s largest city does not disappoint its waterfront. Location has given one of its most distinctive skylines and fascinating examples of city planning anywhere on Earth. Buildings like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge are instantly recognizable the world over, with the city being so vibrant and bustling once, never at a loss for stimulating activities, day or night, the night life here is wild and eating your way through the city. Is a trip onto itself as if Sydney doesn’t already have enough going for it within the city limits, there’s a plethora of outdoor adventures to be had in the surrounding area, making it really feel like the whole package sunseekers needn’t travel far to hit the beach while destinations like the Hermitage Foreshore Walk and Lake Parramatta offer fantastic but accessible hikes.

1 Melbourne

top 10 destinations in australia for 2022 9

While Sydney might have it beat in many regards. Australia’s second city comes first. In terms of Culture, Melbourne has a certain European quality to it that makes it feel like an outlier in its own country. It’s a hub for the arts and Australia’s culinary leader, but it’s also completely obsessed with sports. Certain parts of the city have been described as feeling like miniature versions of Paris or New York City and with a constant influx of immigrants from around the world looking to put down roots. Here the cultural diversity of the city only continues to grow and evolve, making it. That much more culturally rich of a destination, not unlike Los Angeles, every neighborhood has its own unique charms and quirks to be discovered even on the cutting edge of popular trends. From coffee to St Fashion, Melbourne is effortlessly cool, a youthful cosmopolitan destination to rival the best of them.

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