This is our last little piece of Costa Rica that we took back to New York here you go Jessica that’s the good stuff right there it’s March 12th is Saturday morning 2018 first post back in New York City after the Costa Rica adventure I feel like it’s been a while it’s been a while since I’ve made a post. Because we’ve been back in New York City for the whole past week I’ve been making the posts you know kind of just getting back in the swing of things here we come back to New York here, I’ll show you guys this we come back to New York, and it’s already springtime if you look very very closely at the tree in our backyard you can see that it’s starting to bloom very slowly, and also you want to talk about the special special guests in our apartment, and I feel like a stick sticking out of the pigeon house anyway our first resident in the pigeon hotel is a morning though when we first put the bird hotel out there I was very skeptical that a bird would actually move in there. But we have a bird pet moved in our for a pigeon hotel you know it’s a morning to night of pigeon.

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But that’s a good thing to come home to it. But that’s a good sign yeah we’re new does there’s supposed to be a good sign it’s cool. Because we came back, and it was a you know we were expecting it to be winter when we came back in the first day back it was like 75 degrees in sunny, and we had a bird in our bird hotel, and the trees were blooming. So it was nice to come back to that. But I’d be lying if I said personally, and just too that we have the full on travel bug we are already planning our next trip I mean that’s kind of what I been doing this week is planning trips for the future. Because I don’t know you guys saw how happy we are down there there’s a no it’s just it’s very cool especially to travel together is a really new thing for us, and like a new experience just like a ghost that or coffee this morning she wants to go think like a big chunk of it, and stuff. But everywhere city big thing got my bike, I’m gonna head out, and enjoy this nice springtime day Wow Wow look who it is best friends Tara what’s up yeah it’s go to bagel Bob’s wake up, I’ll meet you guys in there we met up with Terra, and we’re going to the bagel Bob’s first thing back in New York City getting bagels from bagel Bob this is Tara’s first time having bagel Bob’s bacon this is my feedback from your American coffee I just drank it I think choc it’s like there is no the coffee down there I had like that kick you know this coffee is kind of like oh it’s like 5:30 in New York we just sent bagel bob’s for two hours what did you think of it really well yeah I just feel like I would try, I’m gonna keep trying with a fishy.

But I feel like I copped out that like my favorite one is a sweet potato, and I think that’s not really like it it’s an acquired yeah I used to hate it got a little cooler we’re gonna stop back to the apartment jets are gonna get a coat and, I’m gonna go for a nice city bike ride through Central Park we haven’t done this since fall in a while yeah it’s a roller derby have you ever seen it before no I heard how they used to go in there kids look at their parents you should come in the summer in like August, and July they have like hundreds of people out here with the roller derby, and they’re all groovin out, and like the noise like the tank tops the floor oh thank tops we’re hoping that sheeps meadow was open. But not a single person allowed in the sheep’s meadow what do you think of that she opens soon very soon it will open up never seen that what’d you just say signed over this fence event speaking sir she said oh how fast would it take for someone to realize yeah I don’t know. But look out something that is just imagine naked Jessica are naked Erica running across that grass running across to the buildings there’s a lot of people you just set up very bad things they’re headed going over the high spot ballsy yes apparently the loans are closed until Central Park says it’s okay for them to be open. But on a day like today it’s just. So nice yeah what’s the right by this big oak tree not a bad thing to come home to laying in the park under a big oak trees reading the clouds go by spring is very very close. But it’s not quite here yet is it Jessica Oh someone at Champaign it’s springtime it’s okay Jessica has found her bird friends if you look how thick their bodies are two delicious geese not for food for pettings right it’s just betting we’re just hanging out though today has been a very very relaxed day just walking around Central Park kind of taking in the springtime vibes well not quite springtime. Because it’s still pretty like if you look at this picture through the cameras like still kind of bleak out yeah you know just look at that soon very soon it will be very lush that Costa Rica tomorrow is actually daylight savings time.

So this time tomorrow it’ll be getting dark at 7 p.m. how nice is that just walked around Central Park for like three hours kind of taking in the nice springtime weather jess is getting a city bike now, and we’re gonna bike back to the apartment probably I don’t know it’s kind of nice out. So we might just bike around a little bit more you have to watch Jessica on the bike she’s very very bad on the bikes in the city kidding we’re down here our usual spot the river watchin, and there’s this huge tugboat pushing a crane down no I mean the tugboats small. But the crane is huge look at that thing, and they’re poaching at the finally fix if you look right here there’s this overpass here that’s been broken for the past year that I used to run up, and down these Sprint’s on, and they’re finally fixing it I guess cuz it’s getting warm out again this is our entertainment for the evening reading this this big crane get docked on the the river to fix that little over ramps I was here for 15 minutes before Jess came down cuz she went home to get another sweater. Because it’s got cold since the Sun went down we’ve just been sitting here reading this thing. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worried less, and live your passion we will see you guys tomorrow from New York City.

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