The Health Benefits Of Walnuts

Nuts are well-known as nutrient-rich powerhouses, but there’s one variety that may have even more health benefits.

Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found walnuts to be the winner when it comes to levels of long-chain polyunsaturated fats, which are essential for helping the body to metabolise fat.

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Walnuts also have large amounts of the plant source of omega 3 alphalinolenic acid, which has been proven to boost heart health. And a little goes a long way; nutritionists say eight to 10 walnuts a day are all you need to reap the benefits.

There’s an item in your kitchen that may be harmful to your health, and no, it’s not the sharp knives – it’s your humble chopping board. A study by the University of Arizona found cutting boards often have about two hundred times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Researchers say it’s mainly down to bacteria from raw meat, which lodges inside the tiny, hard to clean cuts that are usually found on the surface of the board. Some experts say the bacteria count can be minimised by using a board that isn’t made of wood, but proper washing, rather than just a rinse under the tap, will also reduce the numbers of nasties.

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