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They recognized the ideal conditions for growing quality Pinot Noir and Minneapolis Subway Map Chardonnay, including the cool marine air flowing through the valley, and planted a range of clones Minneapolis Subway Map genetically exact copies of rootstocks known to thrive in these conditions whose fruit hangs longer on the vine and thereby develops rich, complex flavors.

Crimson Wine Group acquired the estate in 2008 and restored the original name, Chamisal, to honor the vineyard’s history. Today Chamisal Vineyards cultivates eighty-five acres planted with twenty-five different clones of five varietals, mostly Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Each clonal selection matches a particular microclimate on the estate and expresses a subtle difference in flavor. All fieldwork is done by hand, and the estate’s environmentally friendly farming methods incorporate organic and biodynamic principles. Winemaker Fintan du Fresne strives to make wines that reflect the vineyard’s complex character a blend of sweet and savory he calls Chamisal Spice. He grew up in New Zealand, where his father, a well-known wine journalist, exposed him to the enology world, and where he studied ways in which geology affects terroir. He especially appreciates the estate’s unusually broad range of clonal varieties, which give him many different options for creative blends. Chamisal wines are poured in the rustic-chic tasting room in the original winery from the 1970s a lofty barn, perched on a knoll amid the vineyards. Outdoors, a patio and picnic area provide alternative spaces for tasting and picnics. Long redwood tables, custom-made by a local artisan, encourage visitors to enjoy the pastoral vineyard and mountain views. OF SPECIAL NOTE: Pet-friendly outdoor picnic area.

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