So. I was recently invited to Istanbul Turkey with Turkish Airlines as part of their US blog or summit, this is what we got up – okay – this morning we are doing a walking tour of assemble. And right now we are in Old Town ak8 what used to be Constantinople on the hill constable just kind of like going up.

And over that way. So we are going to go do a bit of exploring first stop was the spice market full of vendors full of spice. And full of Turkish Delight which are a desert-like treat made from gel of starch.


And sugar with sometimes the addition of nuts. And fruits this from onion without sugar look at this Turkish Delight guys next stop was to the mosque of sultan out met or more popularly known as the blue mosque due to the many blue tiles both outside. And in okay guys.

So we are now inside of the blue reason we have field cover-ups because it actually is a practicing law across from the Blue Mosque is the highest Sophia one of the most iconic. And historic buildings in the world remember the Blue Mosque which we just finished visiting was only 400 years old hi Sofia is actually 1500 years old at was built originally as a Christian Orthodox Church by the Romans. And then was later converted into a mosque when the Ottoman came in to act if you look behind me there are actually a bunch of restoration work going on right now, but there are in the process of uncovering a bunch of the mural that were originally covered up when that conversion.

I happened next was a very historical lunch as we’ve done at a traditional Ottoman cuisine restaurant where all the items on the menu were historically accurate meals that they ate back in the 13th. And 14th century followed by a traditional Turkish kebab or Turkish bath okay. So, this is the before of us before we go into the chicken body I’m.

So ready for the fight basically there’s a group us in a marble room. And we were washed. And soaked.

And studded. And scrubbed. And now we are super ridiculously clean.

And relaxing chillin Istanbul the city is particularly unique as, it’s located in both Asia. And Europe divided by the boss for straight we have arrived in Asia how do, you build Asian good job good description guys, this is like my favorite things, it’s a coffee. And mortars delight.

I had a launchers July of this dress yeah we have any point Queens like ring let’s see if the hit from the bottom that’s right careful we’re doing coffee fork sometimes car. I know this was a thing. I didn’t know the physics oh good um it looks like your future is very moist.

So features wear bright oh, this is Miss Sharpe. And Lincoln. And, it’s a famous yogurt with powdered sugar box versus tree.

So it is not sweet a little bitter sour cream ish, but not terrible no psyche animal thing, it’s right now. I’m sitting on top of them are like private crews that we have going along the boss more strange. So that’s this wise man.

And yeah, this is our like semi-private cruise ship we’re going to be eating it drinking cruising none of us will never face yeah ticket get down down. So know what’s going on in the head of y’all to be censored we’re gonna be making a word about sir respect service ever well. I hope, you all enjoyed Istanbul stay tuned.

And make sure, you comment to see my next turkey post as, you head inland for some more great adventures don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up if you liked it. And I’ll see, you again in a few days time with another post bye. ?

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