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Urban Fishing Contrary to appearances, some of the most underexploited of all canal fishing occurs in town and city centres. Salford Quays and the canals of Birmingham are... Read more

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Night Fishing It takes a brave soul to stay out on a canal through darkness hours, but the rewards can be well worth the effort. Carp, eels and... Read more

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DEPTH CONTROL For any style of canal fishing, getting an accurate feel for depths is important. They might look uniform, but many canals are greatly varied in this... Read more

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WINTER MEASURES When does a frosty canal become unfishable? Enterprising anglers still catch by breaking the ice, but such extreme action is not always required. Areas such as... Read more

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Clear, Weedy Canals In complete contrast to busy, muddy-looking waterways, Britain is also blessed with some glorious open countryside and canals every bit as pretty as rivers. This... Read more

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ACKNOWLEDEGMENTS Perhaps the only list in this blog longer than the selection of canals is the sheer number of people to whom I owe a huge debt of... Read more

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The keen canal angler develops a deep, personal connection with their local water, which is more than mere nostalgia or accumulated knowledge. I’m not sure how else to... Read more