Yosemite Hiking Map

True north The North Pole, which is of no use to hikers whatsoever, except for those doing a polar hike. The differences between all three varieties of north... Read more

Yellowstone Hiking Map

TICKS Related to scorpions and spiders, ticks live in damp, vegetative conditions (woodlands, bracken and long grass) particularly where sheep and deer are found. Latching on to passing... Read more

Travel Experience

Travel Experience As a casual weekend hiker would you enter an Ironman contest with a veteran Ironman contestant? Probably not. Why? Because your goals, experience, conditioning, and approach... Read more

Racism in Travel

Racism in Travel When I first penned a blog post on the racial realizations outlined in this chapter, I was concerned about how it would be received. Writing... Read more

Boulder Hiking Map

BITERS The great outdoors is a dangerous place, and the bluffer should be aware of this. Sometimes the countryside doesn’t like you traipsing all over it, and it... Read more