Map Arctic Circle

Pam prepares a delicious meal for us, steaks, sweetcorn, mushrooms, potatoes, followed by several kinds of cookies, Canadian style. This is washed down by punch, orange juice and... Read more

Map Arctic

The luggage is loaded on to a trailer attached to a snow tractor and it trundles off at a leisurely pace to the actual camp. We set off... Read more

Map Of The Arctic Circle

Vivian Fuchs made the first surface crossing of the Antarctic in 1957—58 leading the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Fuchs set out on 24 November 1957 from Shackleton Base on... Read more

Map Of Arctic Circle

The first woman to visit Antarctica was Caroline Mikkelsson, the wife of a Norwegian whaling captain, when she stepped ashore at Vestford Hills. Edith Ronnie and Jennifer Darlington... Read more

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After an even earlier false start, Amundsen finally set off across the ice shelf on 19 October 1911, with 48 dogs, 5 men, and 4 sledges. Scott was... Read more

Map Of The Arctic

The enormity of the task that faced those endeavouring to sail southwards and the overwhelming odds against success mostly turned thoughts of further exploration to other areas, particularly... Read more