Top 10 Coffee Countries in the World

Oh, the distances will travel for a cup of the good stuff. Top ten coffee countries in the world. For this list, we’re looking at various destinations around the world that are known for their coffee, whether due to the quality of the beans they grow, their coffee culture, or a distinctive style of preparation. These countries are a must visit for anyone with a passion for the perfect cup of coffee. 2021 will be delicious.

10 Japan Saki anime sushi kawaii

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Culture Hot Springs poetry, cherry blossoms. There are many things that Japan is known for, but when it comes to hot, caffeinated beverages, most people would probably say tea before they thought to associate this island nation with coffee. Well, you’d be surprised Japan has slowly but surely, and somewhat quietly developed one of the most distinctive modern coffee cultures. The country is quickly. Rising in terms of coffee consumption per capita and total imports, it’s also home to some of the world’s top ranked baristas, first introduced to Japan by Dutch and Portuguese traders centuries ago, coffee now plays a multi faceted role in local society. Japanese coffee equipment is a status symbol, coffee shops or social hubs tradition reign supreme at old school, kissaten coffee houses and there’s a real eye for detail across the board.

9 Turkey For A Cup Of Coffee

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Unlike any other head to Turkey, here they brew it extra strong, thick and leave it unfiltered. Dairy isn’t generally a part of the experience, but sugar is added during the brewing process translation the sweetness of your coffee is dictated by the person who makes it, rather than personal tastes. Of course, there are still plenty of people who take it unsweetened. As for the fine coffee grounds that make it into your cup, you are actually supposed to stir regularly in order to maximize. Flavor and approach that means you will actually drink a fair amount of coffee grounds in the process. For people who are particular about their coffee, this might sound like an unwelcome departure from your usual brew, but Turkish coffee is a real cultural experience, and one that every coffee lover owes it to themselves to give a proper try.

8 France This Western European

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Country has certainly left its mark on coffee and coffee on it. There are few experiences more quintessentially Parisian. And sitting outside of a cafe and sipping on a coffee as you watch the world go by it first made its way to the country in the mid 17th century and before long, the country’s now iconic cafe culture was born. There were already 600 such establishments by the time of King Louis the 15th. Once armed with these magical little beans, the French made numerous contributions to the world of coffee, including the first percolator and an early patent on what would become the French press later made a reality by Italian inventors. They’ve also given us such preparations as the NOISETTE and popularize the Cafe Ole today. It continues to be a nation with a deep love of coffee in all its forms.

7 Tanzania For A Truly Mind Blowing

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Sip of locally produced coffee, there are a few destinations more rewarding than this. East African Nation Coffee is by no means its most prominent crop with sugar, cotton, cashews and tobacco all being produced in substantially larger quantities. Annually, but that’s slightly more modest. Total output is part of the appeal on a coffee centric trip to Tanzania. You can purchase beans directly from farmers at local markets and arrange a visit to reputable plantations. There’s a real care and attention to detail that goes into coffee in Tanzania, and that applies equally to all steps of production from farming to roasting and brewing. Some would go so far as to call it an art form. Coffee is very much ingrained in everyday life rather than major corporate owned plantations. Nearly a half million local farms are responsible for 90% of the country’s coffee production. That makes Tanzania one of the best and most rewarding places for coffee tourism.

6 Vietnam Like Turkey

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Vietnam does coffee in its own distinct way introduced to the Vietnamese by French colonists in 1857. By the early 20th century, it had already become a major cash crop, while Vietnam is second in the world in terms of coffee production, it’s the role that coffee has taken on within the country’s own borders. That’s most compelling, following its introduction, various factors, including war and local tastes, saw the rise of some unique methods of preparation. For starters, Vietnamese coffee. Is traditionally brewed in single serving drip brewing filters and rather than fresh milk or cream, the coffee is white and and sweetened with condensed milk. Iced coffee is also extremely popular, as is another variation that sees an egg whipped into it. So whether it’s for a taste of locally grown beans or a unique preparation, Vietnam is sure to satisfy.

5 Italy like France Italy

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İs a coffee lovers country, after all. Where would we be as a world that runs on coffee? Without espresso, we shudder to think how Italy might come to a screeching halt if espresso beans were to suddenly become unavailable. But in Italy, not only are you hard pressed to find a bad cup of coffee, but you are also spoiled for choice in terms of preparation and serving style. In addition to espresso, you’ve also got cappuccino macchiato cafe d’orzo, all of them with a delightful Italian ring to them. You can even get something not dissimilar and taste drip coffee, should you prefer that in the form of the quaintly named. Americano now, while great coffee can be found all across the country, Milan is without a doubt the epicenter of the Italian coffee world. This is a culture that prides themselves on their brew and that shines through in every sip.

4 Australia Many People

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Feel that at least as far as contemporary coffee culture goes, the United States is on the cutting edge. While overall the US consumes cheap coffee by the gallon cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, and NYC, all Pride themselves on the quality of their brew standouts, though they might be Australia’s coffee capital, Melbourne truly elevates its entire country as a whole, and depending on who you ask, when it comes to contemporary coffee trends. Melbourne May just be the coffee capital of the world. Cafes and coffee shops like kettle black, Top paddock and higher ground are world renowned for good reason. Artisanal and independent coffee is so widespread in Australia, yes even outside of Melbourne that the only brew you’ll be hard pressed to find is 1 from a major international chain.

3 Finland You might be surprised

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to see this Nordic country crack the top three and take a place on the podium. True, its coffee culture doesn’t have quite the same international renown as, say, Australia or the United States, nor does its history with coffee reach as far back as that of Italy or France. As for growing coffee, they certainly don’t, but the people of Finland arguably love their coffee more than any other nation on Earth, and they prove it by consuming record quantities per capita. The Finnish people put away an average of 26.5 pounds of coffee per person annually. That’s roughly 10 cups a day. How they sleep, we have no idea, but they’ve certainly figured out how to brew a great pot. Coffee culture is omnipresent, especially in major cities like Helsinki. Best of all, most of the chains are domestic and independent cafes are commonplace.

2 Brazil Finland

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Might top the charts in terms of consumption, but Brazil is in a league of its own when it comes to coffee production. The country collectively puts out a staggering.

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