Are we just photobomb that guy’s proposal let’s write this intro okay welcome to Washington DC guys we are here exploring for a few days since. I have two conferences this week. And instead of flying home.

I decided that let’s do a little bit of sightseeing in between instead. So, this is my second time in Washington the first time. I went to the White House, you will not be going to the White House this time because well the government is shut down, but, this is our first stop is the Lincoln Memorial.


And the National no is where all the main monuments are. And we’re gonna discuss thank, you bit today find us. I’ve never seen birds fast before.

I made it up to the Washington Monument now. I’m pretty sure, this is as close as we’re gonna get since, it’s all kind of blocked off. And closed for restoration work, but, this is a monument to George Washington was the first president of the United States was built in 1884.

And it was at one point the tallest building in the world. So he stumbled our way to a sculpture park with ice skating rink. So the Sun is setting.

And we’re back at the National Law because it is absolutely gorgeous today, it’s been really really lovely hit up all the monuments. And one to see. And now that’s just to a hyperlapse morning we are currently at the Washington Mall Arlo in the middle of the Washington Mall right outside the Smithsonian museums because that is what we’re doing today we’re gonna do two of the Smithsonian’s there’s actually like a lot of different we are going to do the Natural History Museum.

And we’re going to do the space. And air museum all right. So, this is the entrance through.

And there’s a huge greeting our way. I’m actually surprised is free like, it’s completely free to enter which kind of blows my mind, it’s gonna do a lot of museums and. I know that something seems our three by no there’s a lot of hippos men guys hippos are like the scariest animals ever seriously they are dangerous the unicorn of the sea Narwhal.

I do not want to be on the end of that, it’s like eight people yeah, it’s big thanks Rob shish kebob there are unicorns of the sea they’re gonna grant, you magical wishes swimming, this is like Instagram goals in here, it’s room better yet, it’s like life photography like. I need photography goals come on when we did hurt DNA tests. I came off as like a higher percentage of people.

I don’t the more percentage was. So did, you right yeah we’re going above the average hit our DNA. So good time the craziest thing is the dinosaurs existed they’re real 65 million years ago, but would, you like a 45 carat diamond, you they gave me a pretty bad carrot man what’s this another diamonds.

I think maybe we should leave this exhibit okay. So we have just left the National Museum of Natural History. And we’re doing about a 10 minute walk down the National Mall to get to our next Museum which is the Smithsonian National Air.

And Space Museum that’s a lot tongue-twisters here that is what we just came from. And over there touch a piece of the moon yeah man touch the moon right oh what a long ways beam come, it’s uh. I’m gonna get some work done oh the travel bloggers yeah trav lager hard at work huge waterings.

I mean, it’s literally not changed. So mad, you know how to fix cars. And trains, but what about planes really they look that complicated we computed all right know your mechanic do, you know this see, you got this.

And then this one’s obviously a piece of cake. I mean that jet engine is nothing, you got that one, you got this one right now we are heading to dinner to actually a farm in to table restaurant it was really cool. And.

I’m meeting up with Bobby who is one of my Instagram. And blog followers going to dinner together cuz she is about to head out onto her European adventure. And I’m.

So excited for her. So it should be good. So, it’s designed for one person.

So today we are exploring some of the different neighborhoods here in Washington, this is Adams Morgan it is kind of like a really cool artsy area full of these old Victorian row homes. So we’re gonna kind of see some of the shops take some cool photos. And for a little bit more of the artsy or side of Washington now one thing there’s a lot of your Adams work in his food there is.

So many different food shops. I’m meeting up with Aileen who is my old Kentucky tart manager from a tour in 2018. So that is our plant for lunch and.

I stayed overseas and. I just traveled to mainland from Asia. I really pushed myself outside of my comfort zone with a lot of the things that.

I did. I bought a motorbike. And borderlines Vietnam.

I rented a bicycle. And cycle an island of Taiwan nice to meet, you yeah nice to meet, you too we’re now just walking through Georgetown it is another neighbor here in Washington building as, you can see. And also tons of shops lots of restaurants.

So the Sun is setting they don’t have that much time here, but we’re just gonna kind of walk through on our walk back to the hotel. And check this rope. So we’ve just made it down to the riverfront here in Georgetown, this is the Potomac River.

And it is absolutely gorgeous we decided we wanted a little bit of river walk while the Sun is setting instead of just walking along the shops because. I could spend all day up at the shops, but, this is really pretty too. So we are going to continue walking along here until we get to our hotel because we haven’t made up to get to in like one hour’s time running a little bit behind.

I Perrine’s. And prompt, you meet up at this coffee shop never missed a coffee shop floor. I’ve no idea me people are gonna show up this little understand early time why these before.

We’ll see how account well see how it goes to give, you like two people show up there could be one or two people show up. I guess. I don’t we’re gonna try.

And find somewhere to where we can all sit again. I just wanna say that the meetup went really really well. I made.

So many amazing people everyone that came was. So awesome we had such people seven people. So more than two more than two people showed up actually didn’t really know what to expect.

I didn’t know how many people would be there in total then it wasn’t really organized. I just kind of picked a place but I want to start doing the more.

I want to start meeting, you guys when I’m in your city or country. I just have to like plan them a bit more because they do need to let, you guys know in advance.

So if you want to come to a future Meetup go follow me on my Instagram because. I always post there about where the location will be except dressed. So you’ll know future take the night thank, you for reading don’t forget to comment cick cetera liked this post and.

I will see, you guys again if you just know what that other post. ?

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