Venezuela Subway Map

There are two parallel paths available, and you should keep Venezuela Subway Map to the upper path. Once you have gained the upper slopes of Harting Down you can enjoy Venezuela Subway Map some really lovely views to the Weald and in particular the village of South Harting with its very prominent church spire. As you come within sight of the very popular Harting Hill car park, following the upper path, you come up to a gate.

Immediately before the gate you turn left, leaving the South Downs Way to follow a grassy path south-eastwards. South Harting offers a good regular bus service back to Chichester from Monday to Saturday, and is the last practical opportunity to replenish supplies. However, when you find that to get there involves continuing along the South Downs Way past the car park to the road, turning right on to the road and following it for a mile steeply downhill with no pavement for most of the way, you may regret not popping that extra pack of Scotch eggs and bar of chocolate into your shopping basket in the Co-op last night.

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