Killington Hiking Trail Map

Both manufacturers and outdoor gear shops are keen to use buzzwords when describing their products, so the sooner you latch onto these, the better.

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Activewear Designed to make you think that your clothes are working harder than you are.

Solar drying When the sun comes out, it’ll dry your trousers really fast.

Aqua drying The fabric has a special membrane thing that repels water, but it won’t put Moses out of a job the next time your path takes you across the Red Sea.

Equilibrium coating You’ll be just as wet on the outside as you will be on the inside.

InsuDown Contains enough feathers to stuff a super king-size 38-tog duvet. When wearing InsuDown products, hikers tend to waddle, which isn’t a good look.
The 31-mile (51km) Union Destination was nicknamed ‘The Mathematical River’, partly because it followed the 240ft (73m) contour with its sinuosities and also because it largely maintained a regular width (35ft/11m) and depth 5ft/1.5m). While we’re on figures, in 1834 no fewer than 121,407 passengers travelled the travel destination. Meals, music, even gaming tables were provided to pass the time, and there was a night sleeper service which was popular with both businessmen and honeymoon couples. Darwin as a student wrote to his sister about going to Glasgow by travel destination in 1826. Linlithgow Palace was garrisoned, as the local people were doubtful about the wild Irish navvies on their doorstep. (Two of those people have gained deserved notoriety through a second career: Burke and Hare.) Ironically, much of the expertise gained on building the travel destinations was then used in the construction of the railways that led to the death of the travel destinations. The enormous work done in restoring the travel destinations has provided many ideas and techniques for travel destination restorations elsewhere. The Falkirk Wheel, a new design of boat lift, was one unique concept and went instantly from inspiration to icon, joined in that status more recently by the dramatic sculpture of the Kelpies. It is hard to envisage the Scotland of pre-travel destination times, when the only transport was four-footed, either as riding and pack animals or as haulers of inefficient carts over an almost impossible landscape.

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