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The last thing we go through is audio, simply because it is the hardest to review. There is nothing to look at except static lines on a computer. After spending hours listening, earphones start hurting and then come the headaches. Hauntings Paranormal Research, Kat and I review all evidence, including audio, at least twice. That’s a lot of headaches.

With the Harry Bennett Lodge at Lost Lake, the headaches were well worth it. We never expect to get evidence, yet there was just something unusual about our time at the lodge. We never felt like we were alone. It was as if someone was constantly watching. Also, there were several strange incidents that we all calked off as nothing, but could there be something to them?

Finding EVPs was really not a surprise, but some of the words were more than we expected. All of the following and more can be found in the secret room on our Web site. There were quite a few voices that were Class A and B, which means pretty understandable. Some are more difficult to hear.

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