We’re doing this keep your eyes out my two buddies go out in the woods hiking get lost don’t come back get attacked by mountain lions California Golden Hour in the Hills this is the calabash in 6ik ocula I can’t even talk I lost my voice last night they just gone it’s six o’clock in the morning we’re heading into the office we stopped that roses to grab some coffee some breakfast burrito, and thank you both for waking up early of course, I’m so glad you’re a morning person yeah yeah I needed to get up bro this morning just get at it get at it in the office. So we’re finally a bit more weak we’ve been working for the past four hours it’s not just about noon it is Sunday November 6 2018 from the lair this is where it all goes down can’t even show you guys this this is top secret yeah yeah we should even be going in here let’s get out of here we can actually post out here. So this is the office space that Matt, and Jeff are working at look at this.


Because on the East Coast there’s nothing that is kind of outdoors like this. Because it gets. So cold. But how chills this has an office space well look who it is good morning. So last night you just disappeared on us it’s no comment there’s a fun we should get food now. But you’d even tell us you guys left. So this is uh this is Matt’s company here Ben grips you want to explain what it is, and bushes cracked like a 13 year I lost my voice I still can’t find my voice yeah it’s a phone no that’s magnetic.

So it’s pretty sweet they have a metal plate on or inside of your phone it’s doing it oh it’s a cinematic look at this place look at the palm trees. So instead of the coffee we opted for different injures staying healthy some good breeders I feel like that’s the perfect thing after a night a night out doing what do we do last night the Sun surprises you, and after a night of excess yes one of my favorite quote it’s a good quote would you look who it is Big D himself California dreamboat unlike to 80 laps in Santa Cruz no thank you yeah we’re just checking the waves we’re probably gonna jump in a little bit dude it’s nice don’t be fooled like every like 10:15 there’s like really good waves coming in right now how was your morning pretty good yeah we worked we got some food hung out how was your night last night, and just talking long Duk soo nice though it was nice oh my god today has been one of those days we you know the last clip we were down by the beach we were pumped up to go surf the energy came back to the house laid on the couch fell asleep woke up it’s now pretty late in that forenoon probably not gonna go surf.

Because I got a little cloudy yeah we need to go do something well that’s what we have to go cuz no joke I they go saying I came back right there just passed out on my phone sleeping I think everyone’s gone everyone’s out the beach. But us that’s a snake moves I don’t know where like they just go on a little mini spontaneous road trip to the top of a hill to watch the sunset we’re pretty lost right now just a little bit we found the mountains well they’re not even mountains there are large Hills we found the hills. But we don’t know how to get up the hill. So we’re looking for kind of like an access road to us yeah we might. Because this is all residential all right there’s our hill, and there it is we found our entry point hop in a fan you’re okay it’s calling our names just gorgeous getting hot wherever you want oh please no trespass no oh gosh oh we seem like one of those things that says we’ll be prosecuted yeah we’ll be prosecuted it’s also daylight savings.

So the sun’s setting at four o’clock now I wouldn’t even know what town we’re in I just got on the freeway, and what I live here, and I feel. So out of place. But it feels good it’s good to do stuff like this feels good let’s ask someone we have to is there a good hiking spot around here oh really okay thank you so much have a good one thank you well that was using he’s headed by the shopping center I heard Portola yeah what he thinks were from here he’s just like you go this left bar we found it we found it it’s like a wilderness hiking trail route. But it looks like to me how far. So we’re gonna start now we’re fighting the Sun yeah it might be a little too far. But we’re gonna go we have probably 30 minutes before dark why we’re doing this keep your eyes out my two buddies go out in the woods hiking get lost don’t come back get attacked by mountain lions there’s snakes out here too huh what is it gopher no what is the nigga road huh winded hiking update we’re almost at the summit right there I feel like it’s a lot farther still than we think. But we’re getting pretty high or I don’t think we’re gonna make it to the summit.

But we’re at this nice little Vista look out thorns on thorns watch out California Golden Hour in the Hills there’s no way we could hike all the way up there back down. Because it’d be dark, and this is just it’s pretty treacherous it’s straight down. But now we’re gonna do a little Instagram photo shoot a sex pistol doing what he does best back at the office all the boys are here what’s up about to do some more Jeff went to the beach, and was surfing oh we got some good stuff I think we did you gotta give a little preview yeah we’re just pulling right now there’s gonna be ABS beers, and babes that’s read the title of every post, and we got some great footage, I’m a little Instagram mission we crushed it on that I was all good yeah thank you last night in Laguna for a little bit tomorrow ventured back to LA stay tuned to find out why, and also tomorrow don’t forget is the meet up at 2 p.m. at Rose cafe in Venice if you can make it out love to see you we’re all gonna be there hanging out. So if you can come stop by, and get a coffee all the meetup information we down below in the description check it out hope you can make it out there, I’m gonna get to work, I’m working on a post project a really cool project lots of editing to do if you guys liked today’s post give it a thumbs up leave a comment down below if you’re gonna come to the Meetup and, I’ll see you guys tomorrow from Los Angeles. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion.

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