Hey guys from the balcony of Vegas whoo we are off today to explore some of the strip we’re going to go, and have some oh my gosh I see a gigantic roller coaster just out thirsty oh wow anyway we’re gonna go out, and have some breakfast first, and then I guess find out what happened in Vegas. Because I don’t know what to go see also probably how hot it is it’s like 40 degrees really really really hot it’s definitely in the middle of a desert just do it we still haven’t left our hotel, and we just I don’t even know what this is the shops where are we sieved well I think they do shows here the MGM also when we were walking through the hotel they had those things that you go on at airports to make you like you know wolf ask us we had all those to offer as well trying to find the entrance out. So we can shape up the strip we’re too stuck inside my shop in most inside the hotel you can see you know we found the entrance you feel many in yeah Sarah literally sat down on enum we’re currently inside a souvenir store, and it’s themed like the Grand Canyon it’s really cool there’s actual live birds flying around in here I don’t know if they’re meant to be.

Map of LAS VEGAS Photo Gallery

But it looks pretty cool there’s like a waterfall, and the skies I painted on the roof it’s really cool just a gift store listing gift store you know we love our M&M. So we just had to check out the M&M well yeah this one’s bigger than the one in New York there’s just so much branded post-op here. But the one thing that I think would be cool they did have it here is if he can make the custom like Cheryl Copeland that’s right. So cool just walk around sprays either than just, and people just a lot to work we just come to Koko, and we realize that one of the things you can’t order is a tray put around the world, and a sixteen different drinks like coke drinks from around the world all we have to do is give to taste each one, and guess like what drink it is where it’s from. So we’re going to start this is what the trays look like yeah. So there’s all the dream we have to taste them, and see where they’re from all right. So guys we just posted us tying drinks from around the world we put it as a separate post.

So all of me adjust here cause it’d be way too long if we put it in this blog it was some disgusting ones in there just wait to the last one it was amazing where to playschool Oh at least they know their audience. But we’ve gone to this place has that fries this how you meant to have fries instead of we’re now walking through Planet Hollywood, and it looks like it’s inside. But I mean it looks like it’s outside. But inside the buildings are really cool they look very European anyway sir is making us crush this thing. Because there’s going to be a lightning storm inside I think kind of cool walking through a whole life whose whole thing that’s set up like New York City they’ve got everything here. Because walking through the Brooklyn Bridge the Statue of Liberty up their Chrysler buildings empire stability is awesome, and they’re being like that would be just little miniatures with actually full-blown all right guys we just come back to the room it was so hot that it just exhausted all of us.

So apparently we’ve only seen a fraction of the strip the Sarah’s been here before what you’re saying I was like oh yeah that’s that all, and she’s like no there’s more. So we all kind of kind of come back had a bit of a nanny nap you might actually check out the pool which is thick, and there yeah maybe we’ll go for it it is currently Stevie what’s the time 8:50 it’s currently 8:15, I’m pretty sure the last time we looked was like 3:00 p.m. we literally came home Sarah slips like four hours I think she needed it. Because she’s been working heaps, and this is so good this is like her time to rest, and relax before going back to work at the end of the week. But we ended up this doing work while she slept.

So Stephen was editing some posts, and I was writing some blog posts, and now it is getting very late. So I think we’re just going to chill in our hotel room tonight, and play some games we bought these um these different cards, and they’re actually have been used in the MGM seeing see how the year see how the cards are been cut, and it has MGM on the back I don’t know if that’s focused I can’t see and, I’m here we’ve got some cards. So I think for the sinner I know chill out play some games, and I don’t know I was thinking of just ending the post here. So I can just have a shower is children I don’t know how long or short this post is come on to show how much be posts. Because we did want a giant chunk when we were doing that coke challenge which you need to go, and check out now you like to add anything to this post mr. Stevie Vegas is awesome I like it, I’m excited to explore it more yes I think after all the driving over the last four days I know we’re like do we want to go out, and like let’s just chill, and like hang out in a hotel room for the night yeah well shows in Vegas at night tomorrow. Because I think it will be completely different true there’s all the awesome sorry there’s all the other strip to see as well I know we only we didn’t see that much today we kept getting sidetracked just went into the M&M store, and spent ages in there, and then went into this store that agent is a little alert.

But tomorrow I think we’re going to go at night, and go, and check out the strip at night good like the Bellagio, and see the big fountain other stuff we don’t know that really much about what’s in Vegas we wanted to see a show then we weren’t too sure if we bought a show that would have been cool yeah we’re bleep thanks for reading guys we’ll show you more Vegas tomorrow good night guys bye.

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