Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum

Facilities: Educational Facilities: Exhibition Area (18.000 square feet): Galleries (3): Shop (Mexican folk art. blogs, exhibition catalogues).

Activities: Arts Festival Demonstrations Education Programs (children): Gallery Talks.

Guided Tours Lectures: Performances Temporary Exhibitions: Traveling Exhibitions. Publications: exhibition catalogues.

The Museum showcases the diversity of the Mexican artistic experience from the traditional to the avant-garde. It has attempted to maintain an artistic balance between contemporary, traditional, and non-traditional exhibitions, folk art and ethnographical, as well as Meso-American and colonial. The Museum has three galleries the Main Gallery, where principal exhibitions are mounted: the West Wine Gallery, which i= devoted to the work of contemporary Mexican artists and displays of the permanent collection: and finally, the Courtyard Gallery, which presents local and emerging artists and works from the Museum’s art classes. The permanent collection totals 2,400 objects in four categories: Prints and Drawings, Photography. Folk Art. and Contemporary Painting and Sculpture.

Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum Photo Gallery

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