Get ready to be taken on a tropical journey through the most beautiful destination that. I have come across in all my three years of travel this right here is the Philippines having spent almost four. And a half months three separate visits in the country.

I’ve seen. And done a lot of things here. And because of my recent trip here it was time to update my top 10 to the Philippines with a 2.

TOP 10 PHILIPPINES Your DREAM Destination Photo Gallery

0 version strap yourself in. And get ready for what will be your next tropical adventure the Philippines let’s hop right into it with number 10 Cresta de gallo, this is going to be an island that 95% of, you have never heard of before the reason being because well, it’s probably just about the hardest island, you can ever try to get to. I spent about three days of travel just to get here there were no given routes, you basically had to completely wing it.

And just show up hope that everything would work out one of the great things about traveling the Philippines is that the locals will stop what they’re doing in a heartbeat to try to help, you out. So getting around even the off-the-beaten-path kind of places is still possible here, but, you really need to want this. So why should, you go out of your way to find cresteds a guy oh well.

I think the drone shots will speak for themselves when, you show up on this island, you feel like you’re on castaway, you feel like, you were stranded in the middle of nowhere, you might as well start screaming Wilson because there ain’t no one coming we were fortunate enough that day to have had the Sun on our side. And we got a remarkable sunset we watched it on this narrow white sand beach cressida Gayo is for those who are willing to go the extra 1,000 miles to see true beauty now let’s move on to number nine number nine is one that most of, you know very well. And have seen on your Instagram as, it’s currently blowing up.

And that is beautiful el nido el nido is one of the most talked-about destinations in all of the Philippines. And with that being said that’s why, it’s not making the top three. And not even the top five.

I’m putting it all the way at number nine because right now El Nido is facing a very well-deserved tourism boom this place is avatar meets your craziest dream incredible dramatic limestone mountains just jutting out of emerald blue waters it really makes no sense how everything that’s beautiful is in one place, but that is what El Nido is all about El Nido is particularly well known for its eye Tour’s you’ve got touré which is probably the most popular where, you get to see small Lagoon, you get to see big Lagoon out of my three trips to the Philippines. I’ve been to El Nido every single time three years in a row and. I’ve seen that constant increase in tourism if you’re in a large enough group my recommendation is to actually just rent out your own private boat the big advantage of that is that, you don’t need to follow the path that everyone else is following.

And one of the great things of having your own private group is that, you can call the shots, you don’t need to follow everyone else, you can just go to your own islands. And make your own adventures after seeing small lagoon we actually asked our driver just to take us to a private island we had lunch on this island pretty much just us. And another boat overall that was for me the best way to enjoy El Nido, but one warning is that, you might miss out on the social atmosphere that can happen when, you have a great tour group.

I’ve also had one of my best ever dives here in El Nido. I saw Barracuda sea turtle. I believe.

I saw a seahorse a bunch of other incredible marine life this was definitely a remarkable diving spot there’s one other thing that, you cannot miss if you go tell Nieto. And that is the beach called knock upon the most beautiful beach in the entire world number eight is the island of Bohol the hole is one of the most diverse islands, you will see high-end hotels hostels everything is here in Bohol. And that is one of the reasons.

I love it so much whether, you want to spend your day on the beach or go. And explore the beautiful Chocolate Hills there’s.

So much that can be seen. And done here not to mention, this is home to one of the most unique creatures you’ll ever come across it looks like a monkey that had a baby with an alien, it’s called a tarsier they’re very very nervous do not use a loud voice be very quiet otherwise they literally could drop dead from a heart attack. I’m not joking there are two main parts of a hole there is an die which is in the north and.

I thought it was beautiful. I really love this blue hole we found but I gotta say the beach up in the north when.

I was there a year. And a half ago it was very dirty hopefully they’ve taken care of that. And in the more southern tip of the island, you have alona beach and, this is probably where.

I would recommend, you stay all sorts of different hotels. And accommodations pretty good food pretty good nightlife. And, it’s a great place to start your day trip if you’re gonna be doing the tarsier chocolate Hill day trip that can all be done in one day, it’s one of my favorite day trips that.

I’ve ever now number seven is definitely for all, you lovers out there, this is the secret hideout of Palawan port barton is in between El Nido. And Porta Princesa. And, it’s only about a four-hour drive away from El Nido, it’s definitely one of my recommended places for, you if you’re the kind of person that wants to relax that wants to have a romantic retreat.

And do a whole lot of nothing how I best describe where Barton is candlelit dinners on the beach. And lights out by like 9:00 p.

m. there’s a couple bars on the beach. So, it’s not to say everything shuts down unfortunately my time there was very limited and.

I did not get to do the island hopping tour but. I’ve heard, it’s one of the better ones. So definitely try.

And check that out there’s also known to be a lot of sea turtles in this area. So do a bit of snorkelling and, you may very well encounter yourself with one of those dudes Finding Nemo alright for number six. I’m actually gonna do a two-part because these two islands are very close by.

And they would definitely make an incredible trip, but let’s start it off by talking a little bit about Tablas place that is literally. So unknown that. I have to say.

I feel a little bit proud that. I even found it Tablas is a dormant, but beautiful island, it’s made for, you to explore bring your friend get a scooter. And go explore this island because it has.

So much to offer incredible white sand beaches beautiful sunsets, you will find it all here in the island of Tablas. And one of my major finds on this island here was this resort right here named footprints if you’re going to tell us they are my number one recommendation now just a short one hour boat ride away from Tablas is the island of rome blonde. And on Rohm blonde is one of the most beautiful beaches.

I’ve ever seen, this is bun-bun beach these are the moments that live with, you for the rest of your life. And it made coming all the way off the beaten path completely worth it without being said, it’s actually not that hard to get here even though these two islands are definitely off the main tourist path they are actually super easy to get to. I flew direct Manila to Tablas in like an hour.

And 10 minutes using Cebu Pacific. And Cebu Pacific is the number one airline in the country they were my go-to airline for my travels across the Philippines. And the awesome thing is that even fly internationally to places like Seoul Hong Kong Singapore Bangkok.

And even Australia. I definitely recommend taking a bit of a wild card on your next trip. And trying out these two islands number five is the extreme underrated dumaguete and.

I’ve actually had the pleasure of going to dumaguete on two separate occasions. And the great thing about dumaguete is not necessarily dumaguete itself, but what surrounds it it has April island which literally means sea turtle island it has sea key whore island which is a remarkable buddhu witchcraft island that has slowly become more popular by tourism, it’s also relatively close to one of my favorite discoveries in the entire country known as Manju youth sandbar or as. I tried to coin it the Maldives of the Philippines.

And there’s one particularly great day trip in Dumaguete. And that is Casa total Falls now. I just named dropped a ton of places.

And that’s probably a little overwhelming, but the great thing is. I’ve actually created an entire travel post guide for the Philippines. So if you’re curious about that.

I have a free preview to the guide down below it covers everything, you could possibly need to know everything from safety transportation hotels the best must-see hidden gems. And it’ll definitely get, you a great head start for your upcoming trip. I put my heart.

And soul. And everything that. I learned over my past three trips to the Philippines into this one guide.

So that, you can make the most of it. So definitely go check that out number four is bond sea on island one of the islands. I love most in the entire world, this is like Boracay before Boracay blew up tot ziens not exactly the easiest island in the world to get to, but the slight challenges that come with getting there are a hundred percent worth it that seems to be a trend here the more, you put into getting there the more you’re gonna enjoy.

And typically it also means the less people that will be there. And if you’re like myself, it’s great to have a beautiful white sand beach to just yourself. And a handful of other people for me that’s what travel is about, it’s about experiencing the things that few others have seen.

And vonti on is certainly one of those places you’ll definitely want to rent a motorbike because the island could probably take, you as much as like five to six hours just to go around it is definitely a full-day trip just to scratch the surface of this island the people the Philippines are extremely kind. And it doesn’t matter what road, you follow down typically they always greet, you with a massive smile. And don’t be afraid to pull over.

And actually have a conversation with them. I remember in Bosnian stopping at a random little market. And just sitting down.

And having a beer with a few of the guys even though there was a bit of a language barrier they really appreciated me making the effort to talk to them. And for me it was one of the highlights of my entire. So definitely try.

And make friends with the locals a couple of the notable locations on the island are this abandoned building here right on the water. And in typical Philippines nature we have got some incredible blue water with the saturation on full boost, it’s definitely a very relaxing island. So enjoy a world-class sunset in one of my favourite islands in the entire world all right we are now heading up to the podium the bronze medal number three is going to body on nothing, but beautiful blue water that’s formed its way through the rocks, you can do some incredible cliff jumps into the canyon the water has even eroded away at some of the rock.

And, it’s made for some crazy water slides that go right into the refreshing waters now, you think this would be the end of the experience, but there is actually a cherry on top. And that is at the very end of the canyon, you arrive at what is the greatest waterfall that. I think.

I’ve ever seen this right here is calcine Falls also known as the Gatorade factory weather-dependent when, you visit the bluest of waters will be flowing into this little area at the very end and, this is the result, it’s definitely becoming a bit more of a mainstream destination. So try to coordinate. And figure out the low times to visit, but even if you have to share it with other people, this is still an unforgettable experience now most people would celebrate if they got a silver medal if they made the podium, but Quran please don’t cry you’re still extremely beautiful number two is going to the dreamy island of Quran look at these drone clips look at these lagoons look at this water it is very similar to what, you saw in El Nido, but the remarkable thing about Quran is that, it’s not as busy as El Nido.

So everything that was great about El Nido is here, but with less tourism only two of the eleven lakes on the island are accessible to the public not even the locals can swim in those other nine sacred Lakes there’s a lot of history here. And there’s even said to be a giant octopus that swims in these waters. So always be looking behind, you when you’re in the lagoons there are three main things that, you must do in Quran.

And the first two can be done in one day trip there’s actually a shipwreck. And pass island day tour where, you start off the day by free diving into a sunken Japanese warship if you can hold your breath long enough. And secondly, you end off your day here at pass island one of the most beautiful islands that.

I think. I’ve ever seen nothing, but beautiful white-sand beaches surrounded by cerulean blue waters. And a whole lot of nothing to do they even had an island wiener dog that was definitely the cherry on top to pass Island.

And the third thing that everyone will end up doing if they go to Quran is of course the lagoon tour the lagoons here are out of this world there’s many island tours that are offered, but the one that. I took took me to these beautiful lagoons it took me to the incredible collage ‘man lake. And they even showed us a secret lake where we had to swim under one of the rock structures to access if the weather is right, you will never be able to find something more beautiful than this period now guys let us find out who has pushed quran off of the number one spot in last year’s top ten drumroll please number one goes to the unbelievable island of shark ow shark ow also known as cloud nine is Surfers Paradise right off of the ocean you’re getting incredible waves crashing in on the shore, this is actually where.

I had my first ever real successful surfing day. And for me it was a very rewarding experience my nipples were a little chafed, but we’re not gonna get into that. And luckily the surfing is just scratching the surface there is.

So much that, you can do here in Sharjah there’s some great hostels some amazing hotels. And they even have six star resorts like dead-on Island Resort, this is a truly world-class luxury experience there’s the emerald green supe lagoon the incredible rock pools of miguel punku probably didn’t say that right, but we’re gonna move on. And the awesome thing is shark out was just one island that’s surrounded by other beautiful islands there’s naked island which by the way, it’s probably frowned upon to be naked there there’s ghoulia Milan.

And several others that will all be fit into your island hopping tour. So that’s for, you to explore. And find out.

And, it’s actually becoming a lot easier to get here, you can actually fly direct now from Manila using Cebu Pacific and, you get there in like an hour. And forty-five good nightlife chilled vibes all in one place, this is shark out. And that is the reason it is my number one must see place in the Philippines that is the top tens of the Philippines.

I hope it helps, you with your upcoming trip. And if you are coming then you’ll definitely want to check out my free preview to my five hot tips to the Philippines it’ll be a great head start for, you on your trip look no further check the link in the bio. And if you’re new to my blog here.

I would invite, you to become part of team get lost by hitting that comment button. So guys without further ado let’s get lost again in the next one. ?

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