Unforgettable Experience in Zimbabwe

Hands down being one of the most incredible yes Hey everybody welcome to guru guru somewhere in Zimbabwe about three hours out of Bulawayo we’re here at this amazing beautiful property, and we’re going to go do our very first animal interaction which I believe is walking with some lions it should be a Hey for this go here building she’s called Tomic stalking networks do it to each other uh-huh well. So cute. So amazing being able to walk with these panels, and reading them play there literally is small. But they big you can just see the force that they have especially when they creep up, and then they start play fighting together. So there’s two girls, and one male, and they are 13 months old of course when they get too big no more line walks about the moment we’ve taken them out to get some exercise, and they just come out twice a day stay all right. So close to me right now see you later explode over all tribes coming through all righty guys we’ve just come back from breakfast that was such an incredible morning being able to get.

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So close to those lines, and reading them play, and run around it’s just. So cool being able to get to see them like out in the open like that. So we’re off to do our next Hastur day which is enrichment with the Lions best way to get around. So we need to go, and get some elephant, and voila or just general any poo. So we can use it to enrichment at the lions I said a HelpOut this just Impala P um rowdy we’ve officially found the puja pot is such a thing there is such a thing when you’re in Africa so much barley. So today’s enrichment is sensors. So we brought in some different poos we also bought some different flavors like eucalyptus, and cinnamon, and they’re just gonna have some fun we’re gonna see how they’re gonna react to it, and then we’ve got some papers.

So we can just study them do a bit of research oh no, and there’s our little lines just over there eucalyptus poopoo cinnamon see how they go smell oh he’s the smella mmm it’s strong by finding over the elephant poo this line here on the left is not letting the line on the writer come on let them out come on stop being a bully never seen someone love you so much both of them know he’s disgusting, and cute at the same time see we have some friends outside our balcony I go oh this one’s noticed me vehicle number two first of all guys before I tell you what was going on let me just say that has hands-down been one of the most incredible volunteering tasks experiences activities that we’ve ever done will literally in the little like enclosure car the Jeep, and then we went out into an area where pretty much the majority of the lines there are wild in front you around you is the agama pride there’s eleven members of this pride six of them that adults were all walked, and they have had between them five hub. So the Cubs, and now five years old. So they’re now at an age where they are releasable. So when the lines came up to the car they were pretty much most of them were wild lines which was incredible we had to actually sit backwards they weren’t happy to see us cuz they will either spooked. Because of cause they’re just in their natural habitat yeah. But Wow just being there we had to be in absolute silence for most of the time hence why I actually didn’t post to tell you guys what was going on. But otherwise the reason that that is there as you heard from the Kiwi researcher Jackie is that these lines are in a thing called stage two, and they hope may next year they’ll be at a releasable age, and they can actually release those animals back into the wild which is incredible.

So the pack is on the moves we’re currently following them to see what their behaviors are like upfit time all righty guys it is now the next day we’ve gotten up it’s yeah it’s an easy 20 past 6:00 in the morning. But the key thing with any volunteer project is that you do need to do some work yesterday was fun, and games. But you need about one. So you need interactions with the animals. But then you also need to help out the animals hence volunteering. So just what are we doing today today we’re cleaning out elephant poop let’s get on it I mean he’s on poop Patrol literally Naboo Patrol whoa see you buddy okay, I’m in there walking supervise the elephants is staying here overnight just for the protection. So they cannot be watched, and also interest in one place.

Because of course you know the issue with hunting with elephants, and their tasks, and then they let them out in the morning that pretty much does free roam for the rest of the day we’re probably gonna see them a bit later. But now we got to clean out last night’s mess literally one year ago today marks the first anniversary of the time we shoveled through time this is the chaos they did at that nice, and they go right along, and is one thing we did, and you know you never thought, I’m not going to be shoveling poop elephant poop anymore. But here we are a year later shoveling elephant poop this guy literally has the best t-shirt alright now we have the not-so-clean job of cleaning out the lining closes, and these guys they don’t eat grass. So it’s way more dirtier just what are you picking up pick up that what is that antelope of oh nice tonight we’re doing something amazing we’re going to be going to the stage one Lions getting some that we think might be ready to hunt, and taking them out on a night hunt which means we go to the game reserve we release them, and then we document how their hunting skills are if they’re tracking animals if they’re able to capture anything, and from that we can see which lines are ready to progress into stage two, and this is only amazing good Winkle I was crazy. So it seems that they spotted the world at least once gone over there I don’t know thinking as far as surround it I’ve never seen a pride before like the escape scene from Jurassic Park.

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