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Cairns – Skyrail Rainforest Cableway Day Trip

The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway glides above the canopy connecting Cairns and Kuranda. Here we go. Barron Falls is so amazing. The view from up here is the best. It does not get better than this. Wow. Here at Birdworld there’s over 35 species of birds, both native to Australia and exotics. Wow, this is incredible. Hello. Rainforestation Nature Park is located just outside of Kuranda Village, and is set on 100 acres of World Heritage Rain Forest. We’re gonna hop aboard a World War II Army Duck to explore this tropical rain forest from a unique perspective. Into the water! Wow! Let’s check out the Pamagirri Cultural Experience. When you come to Australia you have to learn how to throw a boomerang. There I go, look at it go! That was so fun. I think I’m ready to join the tribe. With all this adventuring I’ve worked up quite the appetite. It’s time for some grub. Mmm. Delicious. And to finish off the day we’re gonna hop on the Kuranda Scenic Railway. All aboard. From the train, and Rainforestation, and the Skyrail, a day in Kuranda is like one big Choose Your Own Adventure book.

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Cairns Australia Great Barrier Reef Scenic Helicopter Tour and Cruise

This post I am so excited to experience the Great Barrier Reef, one of the natural wonders of the world. And how are we gonna get there? On a helicopter. And we’re airborne, whooo-hooo. Now we’re just gonna go climb down to about 1,000 feet. See if you can get a perspective of how big the Great Barrier Reef really is. Wow, this view is extraordinary. I just can’t believe I’m flying over the Great Barrier Reef. This is the experience of a lifetime. Is that our boat in the distance? That’s us, this is reef guys. Okay, coming in for landing. That was amazing. I think the only better thing is maybe to get closer and hop right in. Okay, we’re all aboard. Here we go. The Great Barrier Reef has a very diverse aquatic environment with lots of pretty colors and lots of fish to keep you occupied while you’re on your dive. As you’re going along and you can just see all the different fish, the coral, it’s just so neat to see this beautiful, natural wonder of the world. With all that water, I worked up an appetite. Time for lunch. Whether you get there by boat or by sky, the Great Barrier Reef is a must when you visit Australia.

Cairns Australia Top Things To Do travel Travel Guide

G’day mate, and welcome to Cairns. With it’s tropical climate and laid back attitude, Cairns does vacation right. Cairns makes for a relaxing getaway spot and it’s the perfect starting place to check out the Great Barrier Reef. Join us for an insider look of Cairns, Australia. Sailing up, up and away, in a balloon, and reading the sun rice is one of the most incredible ways to see Cairns. There are all kinds of obstacles here. I really feel like I’m in a rain forest. This could possibly be the most fun I’ve ever had in a day. You ready? I’m ready, let’s do this. What’s so great about Green Island is that there’s so many different ways to experience the Great Barrier Reef, whether it’s in a submarine, or a glass-bottomed boat, or hopping in a sea walker, where you’re hair doesn’t even get wet. The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is one of the most scenic ways to travel from Cairns to Kuranda. Wow. We’re gonna hop aboard a World War Two Army Duck to explore this tropical rain forest from a unique perspective. We’re in the water, wow. There’s such a variety of attractions here at Kuranda. They tell you have to learn how to throw a boomerang. There I go. Look at it go. If you have a spear, you have no fear. Spear fishing with the aboriginals is such an authentic experience. So we’re all walking in a line, trying to intercept them. From water to rain forest to wildlife, there is so much to do here in Cairns. I can’t believe I got to cuddle with a baby koala. Yeah, and I was in my glory, snorkeling around with all the fishies of the Great Barrier Reef. Make sure to check out the travel posts for Cairns to help plan your trip.

Cairns Hot Air Ballooning Tour

This day we’re going up, up and away in a hot air balloon to see Cairns from the sky. Perfect! Here we go. Okay, we’ve just taken off, we’re slowly getting higher and higher off of the ground. All right, at the moment we’re sitting at 3,500 feet above sea level, we’ve got a little bit of surface fog which just really adds a bit of character to the day, so it’s fantastic. How magnificent is this? The sun is just peeking up over the skyline. There’s a river of fog and that’s because, well, there’s a river underneath it. Looks so cool. The cars look so little, like little toy cars. The view up there was spectacular. It was lot of fun, the best day ever. All right, here we go, back to the ground. Woo! What a fun way to literally wrap things up, everyone joins in to help put the balloon away. One, two, three, Yay! That was unbelievable. The views from up in the balloon were spectacular, such a perfect way to start the day.

Cairns ZOOm and Wildlife Dome

This post in Cairns we’re headed into the rain forest. But this rain forest has a twist. You explore it on a ropes course. Say hi! I love this, you just get up close and personal with all the animals here. He has a blue tongue. Look at that. Oh, my god, I’m in love. She’s so soft and cuddly. Now that we’ve met some of the animals, it’s time to get even more adventurous. Let’s get suited up. It’s an action packed wildlife immersion center. We’ve got a high course and a mid course, with zip lines and 34 different elements. We’ve also got our dome climb, which gives you a 360 degree view of the city. Everyone has fun. Whoa, that was awesome. Let’s see what our next adventure is. Three. Oh, my gosh. Two, one, go! That was exhilarating, terrifying, and totally amazing. And I want to do it again. Balance, balance. There are all kinds of obstacles here. This could possibly be the most fun I’ve ever had in a day. Now it’s time for Spider-Man. And now for the grand finale, zip lining over 100 crocodiles. Don’t eat me, don’t eat me. Oh, my gosh, it’s fast! Well, I survived the crocodile. The ZOOm and Wildlife Dome is one-of-a-kind. It has adventure, it has tons of adrenaline, and it has wildlife all packed into one. This place is a must, and it’s right here in Cairns.

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