Hey guys today we could go, and explore the entire island of Oahu finally. Because pretty much this whole time we’ve just been staying in Waikiki we’re now we’re going to go, and explore the whole island I just found a penny is heads up lucky or is tails up lucky we’re either gonna have a very lucky day we’re gonna have a really crappy day if you haven’t guessed it we are currently at a pineapple plant.


So we’re just hiking up Romania Valley, and we’re going to go see some waterfalls we made it to the waterfall after a bit of a fight seriously at sunset Bay, and there’s a stand up surfing competition on Mahalo we’re at a Japanese temple they don’t for the first settlers from Japan that came over to Hawaii yeah nice job we just picked up some lunch from the Koala wrong crunch without Mayfield rustic pockets not matter.

If you can see the back marrow definitely looks like we got our little brown bags the little sandwiches yeah spoilers for coming here tomorrow we’re taking our lunch to secret on she’s excited to eat her lunch beautiful view from secret island, and Jess’s feet no lunch, and having a nanny-cam my turn welcome back to the boat welcome back to the boat this part of who I reminds me of mystery on a mystery fight found in Medellin I don’t want to one of them it’s just like it we found another penny now we have two pennies double the good luck where the blowhole have no blowhole. So here at the end of the tour, and the Sun is just setting, and it’s breathtaking it’s really nice for a macadamia plantation.

So, I’ll show you oh my god oh we are dead I don’t even know if you can see me, and I don’t even get okay, I’m sorry tired. So we went up this morning at eight o’clock to do like a big tour of the whole island yeah we got out it we left at 8:00, and we got home at quarter past a delight. So we’ve been out touring the whole aisle for twelve hours Ritsu stop to edit the post, and eat.

So this is our signing off guys we’ll see.

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