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But he not coming, I resolved to go to Billingses Indonesia Map Tourist Attractions where he used to lodg, being 12 miles further. But being ignorant of the way, Indonesia Map Tourist Attractions Madm Billings, seing no persuasions of her good spouses or hers could prevail with me to Lodg there that night, Very kindly went wyth me to ye Tavern, where I hoped to get my guide, And desired the Hostess to inquire of her guests whether any of them would go with mee. But they being tyed by the Lipps to a pewter engine, scarcely allowed themselves time to say what clownish . Here half a page of the MS. is gone. Peices of eight, I told her no, I would not be accessary to such extortion.

“That was pretty loud.” I murmured.

He agreed and continued. “Not to push my luck with you but..” His words cut off by a sharp bang, even louder than the last.

With raised eyebrows, we all shared a common question, was it indeed a response? Lisa checked EMF levels and temperature. Both remained steady.

None of us were ready to claim the sound paranormal, though we did wonder at its cause. Wind was dismissed. The night was very still, barely a breeze. The only other natural explanation was expanding and contracting wood. Yet, the steadily increasing volume to the bangs seemed out of the ordinary.

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