Exploring Lake Atitlan

Hey guys it is another gorgeous day here on Lake atitlán we just drove up the coolest trail through the mountains a very bumpy dirt round as you drive you see all of these terrorist crops fields now we’ve kind of hiked up to this area it’s really really beautiful Livio is here distracting me as usual that’s what I do my job that’s his job on the post doing a time-lapse here with my 7d to get these awesome clouds on the mountain Oh. So something I never thought I’d see my g7x seeing literally run over Livio had this idea yeah I did I ran your g7x over it was none over we’ll put the shot in you’ll see yeah the road into town.

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Because we’re staying a little bit outside of the town of Santa Cruz the road is the coolest road I’ve ever seen now this part of the road goes through this jungle look how cool this is it just goes over the water, and as you’re walking on it do you have the views of the volcano such Gulag today we are going into town into panajachel which is the biggest town on the lake gonna catch boat there. Because we have discovered that the internet here is not good enough to upload posts I think it said it would take about five days to upload a three ish minute post obviously that would not work we have been told that there is a guy in panajachel that has faster internet. So we’re really hoping that that’ll work, and that I can keep uploading posts for you guys. So you better be thankful just kidding trying to find this place with the Internet this map is updated this street is not called this way anymore we’ll find it Hank we found it found it to the Internet, and we’re at this guy’s house right now just olivio he’s uploading his post first by the way the post that he’s uploading right now is amazing and, I’m not just saying that.

Because he’s Livio with me, I’m saying that big is true. So, I’m going to put the link, and you guys can go, and watch it internet here is super fast. So it’s great that we found this this guy ok back to the post driving now in the bath Oh Oh I can feel amazing wanna explore it all day we are hiking to these caves they’re kind of religious for ceremonies we just found this on the way to the bone cave. So I don’t know what’s gonna be creepier what is a key part of a very nice medical policy one more experiment a party favor over King Theoden murky Japan for a guard Ameritech militia American Telemedicine faith militia today madam I often visit Mary bees mani padme Domino’s travelers or EMF Romina Romina Romina would wake paperback toka vertically take a bubble bath my yoga teacher was a Martin Amis color to start with money or going to watch another Mayan ceremony. But they have a lamb here in chickens. But the other ceremony that we just saw was really really amazing just. So peaceful the people are so friendly to us Boko where the cave right now, and gonna wash another one are they doing protection to protect the business what they have life communist I hope you guys enjoyed my latest post as always my next adventure is coming up thank you so much for reading bye.

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