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Since it was our first investigation with the group, I told Kat to behave. We wanted to make a good impression, so no silly behavior or stupid jokes for at least the first hour. Kat protested because her jokes weren’t stupid. As usual, I ignored her.

Lead team members of Hauntings Paranormal Investigations (L to R) Lorena Wygant, founder; Dawn, co-founder; Jessica, Investigator

Lorena was an active member of a TAPS affiliate while living in Las Vegas. Now, back in Michigan she got right to work and co-founded Hauntings Paranormal Research with Dawn, her long-time friend. Both ladies and their team have an extensive background in paranormal investigations. For now, they were fighting over who was going to get what room.

After everyone settled in, Scott stopped by to say he had to take care of some business. He would be back later to give everyone the grand tour.

This was the perfect time for dinner. Lorena knew of a great place for pizza. That’s where we went, DJ’s Bar and Grill. The pine interior and heavy beams lent a northern woods atmosphere, just what you would expect in this rural area of Clare, Michigan.

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