11 Things That Will Make You Rethink Dubai

Whenever talks about Dubai is held, all envision a city with rising buildings, camels on the streets, and super cars rolling down the roads. While the imagination is quite true to an extent, there are also other sides of the city very few are aware of. That’s the reason, despite being the best tourist destination, it is still far from creating a record in the number of footfalls. If you have been procrastinating a visit to this desert land riddled with wrong perceptions, these 11 things will make you rethink Dubai.


If you have the ‘hiker’ in you and have thought there is nothing to go for a hike in Dubai, then know about a beautiful destination that you can explore on a bike and on foot. That place is famous as Hajar Mountains. These mountains are a haven for hikers from all over the world. They originate in Oman and stretch up to UAE’s east coast. The northern part which is in Oman is called Ru`us Al-Jibal. This part of the mountains is challenging for both climbing and descending. Especially, the areas that are adjacent to the coast as the slopes are directed straightaway into the sea. The topmost part of the Hajar range is called ‘Jebel Akhdar.’

These impressive and rugged mountains comprise of huge boulders that appear challenging to explore. The summer heat also makes it nearly impossible for hiking. However, hiking with complete mountaineering gears and at the right season offer an exclusive experience.


Dubai is globally renowned for exploiting sealife, and natural land resources. There are many wreck sites that attract divers from global corners. The Cement Barge is popular among wreck enthusiasts. If you want to take a few lessons in diving, then this is the site to visit. The cement barge sank due to harsh weather and is sitting upright and intact at a depth of 12m. You can explore the wreck and on the way down enjoy a view of marine species such as thorny oysters, scallops, sea squirts, scallops, clams, and many more. There are many ships lying in the bottom of the sea such as Zainab, Neptune, Inchcape 1. Besides exploring shipwrecks, sea kayaking, canoeing, skydiving, and wind surfing are other adventures to engage.

If you fancy adventure on land over under the water, then you will enjoy sand bashing in a 4×4 jeep that offers thrills and fun. The city also has exotic roads to go off-roading. Zooming down on the alien roads with dangerous turns and slopes on the wadi beds and gravel plains is a fun and exciting experience. You will also take pleasure and pride by indulging in a bizarre escapade with desert camping.

Wild Life

If you think a desert is home only to slithering creatures, then a visit to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary will make you rethink about wildlife in Dubai. This location is a hot spot for several thousands of birds that migrate from different countries. You can spot flamingos, grey herons, reef herons, great egrets, black-winged stilts, cormorants, sandpipers, and many more species. You can feed the birds and capture them in your camera from morning 9 to evening 4.


Even thinking about finding an island in a desert is ridiculous. But Dubai has turned this absurd idea into a reality. It has developed a few artificial islands that have created a history. The Palm Jumeirah, Jebel Ali Palm, and the Palm Deira are the three man made islands that signify the city’s glorious leap towards becoming a comprehensive tourist destination. These islands are in the shape of a palm tree and are connected to several beaches of Dubai.


Dubai celebrates life with much fanfare. To add color and vibrancy to its citizens’ lives, Dubai celebrates a whole range of festivals around the year. Doing so has helped it in keeping citizens and tourists happy. Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai International Jazz Festival, Dubai World Cup, National Day Festival, Festival of Taste are a few celebrations that make visiting anytime of the year enjoyable.

Amazing Skyline

Every few places in the world can boast of sky-high buildings as Dubai does. There are several buildings in the city that have created records for their sizes, design, and loads of amenities. The Burj Khalifa has created a history in terms of height among all the memorable and iconic buildings in the world. These buildings have changed the geography of the city from a desert land to hyperactive city. Though the view of the iconic skyline during the day is magnificent, looking at night when it bathes in light is extra pleasing.

Theme Parks

Dubai has the best of water parks in the world to cool down and beat the scorching temperature. Some of the renowned water parks are Wild Wadi Water park, Dubai, Atlantis Resort, Creekside Park, and Global Village, Bollywood Parks from Abu Dhabi, Motiongate, IMG Worlds Of Adventure. All these places embraced modern technology for providing you a wild and wet fun. The numbers of rides, indoor adventures, fun activities, and eateries inside the water parks are good for entire day enjoyment. If you planning to visit these amazing theme parks you can avail the tickets online at imonholidays.

Dubai Museum

A peek into Dubai’s past is possible by visiting the Al Fahidi Fort located in Bur Dubai. The Fort kept changing its utility from being a home of the ruler of Dubai, to a garrison, then a prison, and now a museum. The museum throws light on the past lifestyle of the city when oil was not discovered. As the ancient tradition of the Emiratis was pearl diving, you will find displays on how people used to search this precious stone in the olden days. The museum galleries have several exhibits, and artifacts dug out from numerous sites. It also holds a multimedia presentation on Dubai’s past.

The Souks

The word ‘souk’ is for a market in Arabic language. The souks of Dubai are famous with visitors and tourists. They are located in Bur Dubai and Deira. You can shop anything from vegetable to spices, clothing, electronics, perfumes, meat, and even golds. The most crowded are the gold souk, fish souk, spice souks and textile souk. Shopping at these souks is fun and exciting when you see customers haggling over prices of items, and traders calling customers to try their products.

Dubai Nightlife

A city with no nightlife is dull and boring. But thanks to Dubai that despite being so deeply rooted to Islamic cultures and traditions, it houses the best clubs, pubs and bars for visitors who like to venture out at night and come back to their nest only late night. Don a glamorous outfit and head to any bar to experience how the city turns out in the night. As time slips, the night gets younger and younger and the atmosphere intoxicating.


The hotel industry of Dubai offers unmatched hospitality to guests. It provides the best of facilities to visitors, and also arranges several events and fun activities to enjoy with families. The interior and exterior d©cor are so impressive that one keeps staring at long. The state-of-the-art amenities make visitors stay comfortable and homely. Most of the high-end hotels are at vantage locations and offer waterfront views. Every hotel, restaurant, and public place strive to offer friendly and generous treatment to visitors.

Besides these 11 fantastic features, one thing that will leave an indelible mark on your heart is the dhow cruise. Only in Dubai, you will get to ride an old-fashioned dhow with contemporary facilities, and revive memories of Sindbad the Sailor if you have read the fictional story. The dhows are an Arabian-style boats used in the past for trading and transporting people. When you take a dhow cruise in Dubai, you will forget luxurious yachts. Cruising down the Creek in a traditional Arabian dhow is a fulfilling experience you can have with your family. Just give it a try and see how it feels to receive a red-carpet welcome, gulp down unlimited complimentary drinks (non-alcoholic), and gorge on sumptuous International and Arabian gourmet. While dining, you can enjoy a panoramic view of both the sides of the Creek as well as belly dancing, and various shows organized by the tour companies.

Still have doubts about our claims, then test it by visiting Dubai this season and see how your opinion about this golden city vanishes into a thin air. If you are not able to plan and schedule your vacation, then consult Rayna Tours & Travels, a leading company that has gained commendable mastery and popularity as Dubai’s major Destination Management Company. Consulting the professional in tour management is always worth in order to avoid disappointment and bitter experiences in vacation. This type of professional approach will make you free from bothering about your travel requirements, and you will be in safe hands.

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