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Cosmopolitan city, South Africa’s third-largest town (known as eThekweni in Zulu), is typically below the belt omitted for her cooler’ Capetonian relation. however this isn’t fair; there’s lots a lot of to fun-loving Durbs (as she’s dearly known) than meets the attention.

Taylor matriculated at Harvard College and graduated from that institution in 1671 with his roommate and friend Samuel Sewall, the famous judge. Durban Subway Map While at school, Taylor was made a student butler, usually a position reserved for responsible, older undergraduates. He was also one of four students chosen to speak before the president and fellows during his senior year. From Harvard, Taylor moved to Westfield, on the frontier near Northampton and not far from Connecticut, in 1671. At the end of the first year of his service as a minister, the town voted to keep him on, although King Philip’s War (16751676) prevented his ordination until 1679. Taylor served the congregation as both pastor and physician, a dual role that was not uncommon in Puritan Massachusetts, remaining at Westfield for the rest of his life.

Academic and career successes aside, Taylor’s personal life seems to have been fraught with tragedy. He and his first wife, Elizabeth Fitch, had seven children between 1675 and 1688. None of these children outlived their father, and Elizabeth herself died in 1689. In 1692, Taylor married the daughter of a Hartford judge, with whom he had six children, all of whom reached adulthood, though only one male descendant carried on the family name. Taylor dealt with his losses in the poem Upon Wedlock and the Death of Children, lamenting the branches taken from his tree. Taylor served his congregation ably for a long time. Samuel Sewall remarked that he once preached a sermon in Boston worthy of St. Paul’s famed Preaching Cross in London. His tombstone in Westfield praises him as an Aged, Venerable, Learned, & Pious Pastor Served God and his Generation Faithfully for Many Years.

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