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Deli section with artisan cheeses. Terrace, patio, and Brussels Map Tourist Attractions lawn areas for picnicking. Art exhibit on display. Ongoing free live music, scheduled biweekly. Brussels Map Tourist Attractions NEARBY ATTRACTIONS: Barney Schwartz Park (lake, picnic areas); Estrella Warbird Museum (restored military aircraft, memorabilia). WILD HORSE WINERY One of the oldest producers in the region, Wild Horse Winery completed its first crush in 1983, the year that Paso Robles became an official appellation.

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More decisions were required to put things right, so they removed the goats and tried lawnmowers instead. These succeeded in frightening the birds away. A request was put out for rabbits and they were once again reintroduced to the islands. The dive sites in this blog have been given a star rating of between 1 and 6: the higher the number, the better the dive site. This is to give those readers who are unfamiliar with the islands and their tides, currents, general depths, wrecks and marine life a better and more reliable chance of selecting the right dive site for what they wish to experience. It should also greatly reduce the risk of wasting valuable time on uninteresting dive sites. ft A totally uninteresting area: you may as well have gone home ftft A rather poor area with not much going for it ftftft A fairly average site but still worth visiting ftftftft An above-average site with lots of interest ftftftftft Exciting, first-class site and not to be missed ftftftftftft A fantastic dive To help divers locate the dive sites when the islands and rocks are under water, the author has provided some GPS co-ordinates taken from his Meridian electronic chart plotter, so the positions should be fairly accurate. The positions offered for the dive sites and wrecks are WGS84 and the wrecks have all been surveyed by the Hydrographic Department’s survey vessel. The position of the wreck is accurate to within 13 metres. The tidal run varies around nearly all of the islands to such an extent that you can be at one place where there is slack water and yet watch the current running only 100 metres away.

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