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See we get a pre breakfast coupon well well well look who decided to join us how is your capture hotel experience last night I fell asleep at 7 o’clock oh, and then I woke up at 8 o clock, and then you make some friends in your little pods oh yeah 13 hours you messy you’re ready to explore – yeah, I’m ready I didn’t really eat breakfast this morning as you guys saw. So we’re gonna go he showed me Oz, I’m not even gonna go on with my free on. So let’s go find something a bit more normal a lot of you guys recommend to come to Mister Donut for a nice cheap morning coffee guys I think we found its importance of Tokyo hello Zoey I get dollar don’t I love eating hot dogs we have diagnosed Oh pops No you just realize we haven’t told you why we in Japan. So actually Cuba Coco’s adventure to it, and we’re doing a 10-day tour of Japan we could do a tour with them last year in Cambodia it was incredible. So tonight we’re meeting up with I think $14 p another thing for technology other people, and we’re going to be traveling to Japan with them excited. But it doesn’t begin. So six o’clock.

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So it has the entire day to ourselves we’re going to show you as much of Tokyo as we can for our people you guys welcome to the first stop of the day with the anime district or the Akihabara district all-electric town whatever you want to call it we had to come here first where all you crazy anime literally six floors of the floor game with all these little Metro bosses like Oh 600 yen since around $7, and they let us go on the metro to 24-hour would AZ treat where scenes right here in Japan you are the horse guys we found a temple right in the middle of Tokyo we have to show you our first Japanese temple dressed up in RHS we’re underdressed got the shakes thank you so much okay this is my fortunes oh did you get bad fortune yeah we found out that for tuned just to go this is not good start to the trip understand this is three would three women shouldn’t meet together as they talk too loudly three they exchanged the words of promise those will never be realized jess is trying to get herself some good luck I keep finding just trying to find any sort of good luck what are you doing now leave it there don’t take it on the trip with us hey just the collage we’re doing a quick stop at the Tsukiji fish markets just to get our appetite great for a barbecue just an octopus on a stick while the line to get into some of the restaurants is so long oh my goodness that thing is huge where this world-famous fish market we have to try something from here, and this is the weirdest thing I’ve seen.

So far it’s good after this yes what are you making me do I don’t know what that stuff is now literally an octopus nice like calamari it is going re it was. Because it’s Gallimard thank you though flame grilled prawns bugs hmm delicious oh my goodness there’s like barbecued bran. So good man I can see why everyone comes yet to get their fish. So Steve is taking me to this tower walkers you really wanted to take a photo of it, and I hadn’t heard of it before, and now we’ve arrived I realized I had seen it before in emoji form. So this is the Tokyo Tower, and I always thought it was like a weird-looking Eiffel Tower, and now I know what it is the busiest intersection in the world it should be used all right if we have one hour left until we have to meet up with everyone tonight.

So we have last stop for you we think you’re coming to the Harajuku district all righty we found the famous street here in Harajuku Takeshi just took Nishita, and it’s so unbelievably busy this is insane feeling good put them fresh if you like by the end of this trip, I’m gonna want to be wearing this jumper oh my god it’s bigger than your head what if we done what did you turn number we’re gonna go away for help do this too much sugar what are we this place is full of the craziest clothes my gosh it’s very japanese key we’re in our first hotel off the trip yogi the door looks like the size of me honey really nice this is our room for the next couple of nights oh this is this is awesome, and then I see me get a balcony wow the view we have is so cool there’s like I don’t know it’s like a giant koi pond or something, and there’s the city just there, and the Sun is just starting to set meeting in 20 minutes, I’m jumping in the shower yeah like we had a big day today alright if you come out to dinner with everyone to a very fancy restaurant not Timmy’s we’ve come to a vending machine not expiry sure what everything is okay okay you’re good yeah let’s just go for a number 21 that looks good vending machine 6 hugs for the both of us don’t know what it is. But to end our night we had to come out into the streets of Tokyo actually back at the crossing are getting for those near where we were eating this is our first time seeing at night this there’s so many neon signs yeah. But we’re just done like a really cool alleyway just a backstreet this whole place is smelled something it does I’ve eaten.

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