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Hey to wake up this morning, and actually see sunlight even on an explorer I wanted to find the University, and I wasn’t sure really which way to head with all the pills. But then I saw a group very university looking students University of corn is very one of the oldest universities in Europe found the most beautiful garden at the University, I’m just really amazed at how beautiful I really can’t imagine there being a more perfect Park than this all the pathways are overgrown with moss well the statues here have heads broken off which I I don’t think she’s intentional I saw a lot of the University.

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And now I’ve just come down this little corridor, and there’s like amazed that way amazed that be amazed this way there is a lot of I don’t know if you’d call it graffiti or just writing um there is a ton of graffiti on the walls here, and you know it’s not really artistic or anything just kind of probably soulful things are quite artistic, and poetic that they’ve written. But I mean on this one door of a obviously very old building this beautiful building someone has written an enormous smiley face on this stone door everything is flooded right now sitting in another park that I found when bruh has. So many great places to just fit, and the lacked taken the scenery read I’ve had more coffee, and I had lunch in a really amazing cafe that was part of the monastery that I went to yesterday they kind of transformed part of this medieval monastery into a fancy cafe just walking around now don’t really have any destination we’re stuck streets are so small.

So I got a little lost trying to find my place I found this it’s the most amazing view most beautiful view of like the entire city of Coimbra keep moving to the apartment for a little bit sitting out here, and there’s the most gorgeous views from this balcony it’s really the perfect place to sit, and relax. But for the sunset I decided to come back to the same hill that I could have found earlier, and just see the sunset over the city though it is night, and I don’t think, I’m going to be doing any more exploring today. But um I just had to come back to this hill where I saw the viewers earlier this is my this is my third time here at this hill today. But I just really love it, and the views are so great I think that this is my spot in coimbra I think it’s my spot I am also going to end today’s adventures here. So, I’ll see you again in the morning, and in the morning, I’m going to do a little more Umbra exploring, and also move on to my next city. So see you tomorrow.

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