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Hi guys hello collaboration is why doing all my collaborations do my collaboration.

And collaborations with Maddie why. I’m English today we are going to talk about assimilating into different cultures. And living in a foreign country because both money by both Mandy and I have lived in different countries different countries. And like we both have different nationalities to where we live first time experience so. We’ll try that first time moving experience my first time experience was to New Zealand it was to Auckland.

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I didn’t know anybody. I knew what. I mean one person thought.

I was Raisa from the internet not bad that’s bad. I mean did, you know anyone when, you first in your first move first time. I moved to LA where it was just me where.

I just flew over my name was America and I was a 20. I was 20.

I was 21 and I actually knew this isn’t a name drop, but, it’s Joe Penna mystic talented guy and, you met me he met me. I did.

And that’s all. I really knew who was in New York it happened to be a New York at the time yeah when, you first move to another country, you are generally not going to know anybody. So, you have to kind of learn to put yourself yeah they’re a lot.

I know a lot of introverted or kind of more shy people, this is gonna be very challenging for, you to do even contact friends of friends though. I say yes to every opportunity yes, you have yes yes yes, you have to be a yes person go through backpacking as well when, you go to hostels, you have to be accepting that to meet new people. And hang out with them oh yeah let’s go get food together.

And if you say no because you’re scared just for that tiny thing, it’s really gonna hinder the experience cuz, you it sounds awful, but the people, you meet really do maybe earrings mm-hmm this happens a lot of like hostels or places where you’ll find yourself. And like a social group of friends. And people.

And you’ll just be like they’ll be wanting to go someplace. And you’re like oh why not toggle. I don’t know if.

I should go. I’m not invited well it might not necessarily be the norm. I, you just haven’t asked, you have no.

So job hunting in England, it’s kind of like not unusual to have a two page TV full of like everything, but when I went to the States. I was expected to put that on one page and, you were that was a difficult skill because when.

I’m allowed to talk about everything that’s amazing about me supposedly yeah. And then, you have to cut it down to bare minimum, it’s really hard to get a job in the States because of that yes that was weird like, you have to quickly get to grips with the culture of getting jobs. So if you are trying to find work in another country one of the biggest tips.

I found on your CV is to not make it seem like, you are there for a yeah because people see if you have um if you’re from foreign country. And they see that, you just landed then, you don’t have a job or they know that your visa is only there for a year year. And a half there they’re not likely yeah or they what what they’re initially gonna do they’re just gonna pass over your resume when, you first put it through.

So, you have to entice them enough. And not really hint that, you are new to the country in your resume means don’t lie don’t know that, but, you have to just word it. So, you can’t be like.

I just moved here and I know. I’m looking for a job.

So one of my roommates when my current roommates asked me how do, you make your house that you’re living in feel like a home when you’re overseas because how do, you make something your home. I find, this is a very personal thing because especially if you never lived anywhere if you’ve been in the same place for a long period of time that that feels like your home. And and now suddenly you’re in a strange country or strange bed.

And you’re in a strange place how do, you make them feel comfort into, you it is definitely little things like having a nice bedding it like really like betting. I always feel makes my home for my homes. I spend the most time when.

I’m home on wearing my bed yes then. I go through this little weird oh yeah where. I like clean my room because then

I feel like. I’ve I’ve taken all of the darkness. And energy are taking all the like previous people previous people out and I’ve I’ve sweat. And swiped it clean. And now, it’s something fresh no it was a very good if you like just having pictures that remind, you of things well there, you go just find something that’s gonna make that that reminds, you of your previous home or that, you could feel comfortable with.

And know there are negative aspects actually to losing what they’re always looking to be positive. And negative seven Oh things when, you move. And make such big life decisions.

And changes drastic post move depression. And loneliness is a huge thing because, you not gonna have a lot of friends not really gonna know much, you may or may not have a job or a lot of money when, you initially move moving cost a lot of money yeah. So you’re gonna find yourself kind of hermit again more and, this is just depression in general is that, it’s really important not to do that like, you have to give up really cannot do it the more, you sit in front of your computer even though we’re probably reading out of here now the more, you separate a computer in the more, you sit.

And watch. And just drown yourself into whether it be, it’s usually television. And in movies.

And some just Netflix in your your room by yourself the more isolated. And depressed you’re gonna get one of my biggest things that’s that. I’ve gotten around it is moving into a place with lots of roommate.

So if you live by yourself, this is going to like make your loneliness problem even worse. So it could nothing. I know don’t learn yeah see like.

I don’t know it just it unless you’re really really good putting yourself out there, you live on your own and, you don’t know anyone in foreign country it makes it harder to meet people, but if you have roommates instantly, you got friends. And then your friends will become their friends. And you’ll go out.

And you’ll meet more people and I think, it’s the most. I didn’t even have to leave your house because roommates will bring friends into your house.

So, but, you should leave your ass, you should leave your house as much as there. I mean there’s gonna be ups. And downs to everything, you do in life.

And living in a foreign country. And moving to a foreign country is a really rewarding life experience oh. I recommend like, it’s heavily heavily recommended just because the personal growth that you’re going to experience when you’re there is phenomenal he’ll just learn.

So many different things. I just want to encourage, you. And and yeah just what to go.

And try it it was really scary. And, it’s really rewarding. And, it’s really fun, but.

And if you don’t like it, you can always move back yeah, it’s not nah, it’s not a hundred percent yeah nothing is ever a hundred percent in life. So, you if you don’t let yeah if you don’t like it, you can always change it back or move to another country can try again. So yeah thank you.

So much for reading this post. I really hope, you enjoyed it. And we actually filmed another post over on Mandy’s blog where we discuss all shootings blog old-new.

And yeah. So click me click on this click me click on Mandy it’ll take, you over there and, you can go watch that by yeah with the awesome stuff oh my god haha house to myself this never happened budget edition part 2 woo. ?

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