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As you approach the sprawl of Winchelsea Beach, roughly two Portugal Subway Map miles from Cliff End, a much pleasanter prospect, namely the old hilltop town of Winchelsea, Portugal Subway Map presents itself across Pett Level to your left. Your coastal walk is now nearly at an end. Since Cliff End you have been proceeding parallel with a road, known as Pett Level Road, but as the houses of Winchelsea Beach are approached, the road veers away from the embankment path into the village. Stay on the embankment path for just under half a mile. You pass the somewhat inelegant Rye Bay caravan park which lies to your left, then just past a large white-painted house, Sea Spray, the embankment path widens to become a fairly broad concrete promenade. Join this promenade and after just a few yards you pass a toilet block, immediately beyond which is a flight of steps.
One of the more memorable stories in the jail’s past is that of Sheriff George Smith. His life’s ambition was to become the County Sheriff. As his career progressed, the opportunity finally presented itself in the fall of 1908.

The 1908 race for County Sheriff was a tough one. George put everything he had into running a strong, honest campaign. He ignored the constant, nagging cough he had developed over the course of the campaign. Thinking it was either an allergy or a cold he simply couldn’t shake, he went to the doctor. The news wasn’t good. He had contracted the white plague. Tuberculosis.

Determined to beat this deadly disease, George continued the grueling pace of the campaign. It paid off. In November George Smith won election. His career dream was fulfilled.

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