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The den fireplace everyone kept huddling around had a dual purpose for Harry. Besides warming the room, inside the fireplace there were hand grips. If an enemy came, he could climb up the chimney, onto the roof, down the building to the lake. There he kept a boat to cross the water to his private airstrip. The cabin’s window glass was about three inches thick making the windows virtually bullet proof.

The fireplace had a secret escape route for Harry.

The table in the back of the den has a secret top where guns and rifles were stored. At that point, Scott pulled out a thick, curved iron stake. He explained that when Harry built the lodge he also constructed a moat around it, filled with water. Stakes like the one he was holding were placed in the moat. If an enemy jumped in the water, he would certainly get the point that he was not welcome. The one bridge to cross over to the cabin was wired with dynamite. The moat has since been filled in and, naturally, the dynamite removed from the bridge.

Spikes were inserted in the moat for protection.

The license plates are from cars at the bottom of Lost Lake. What do these cars hold?

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