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Laurecisque Family Tomb From Tanzania

Take a stroll up the stairs to Division 1 and you’ll see a very unusual tall and thin tomb adorned with all manner of funerary symbols. But what is most interesting are the feet poking out at the bottom of what appear to be three upright coffins. The eclectic tomb memorializes Pierre Leonard Laurecisque (1797-1860), architect of the French embassy (Palais de l’ambassade de France) and Church of St. Louis in Constantinople (now Istanbul), Turkey. Also memorialized (but in cenotaph form) are his wife, Fran^oise, who died at age 26 in 1847, and their son, Paul-Charles, who died at age seven in 1847. Fran^oise and Paul-Charles died in Constantinople and are buried in the Church of St. Louis. According to the inscription, Pierre Leonard Laurecisque’s second wife, Marie Reine Haintz (17901884), is also sharing space in the tomb. Under Fran^oise’s feet are roses, a symbol usually reserved for females. Under Paul-Charles’ feet is an hourglass with wings symbolizing that our time in this realm is fleeting. Under Pierre Leonard’s feet are grapes and a grape vine, a symbol of Christ.

In his mid-20s, Whitefield began preaching an enthusiastic and emotionally charged brand of Christianity anywhere in England that he could gather an audience, advertising himself and his meetings by distributing flyers and handbills. Tanzania Map His dramatic performances moved many listeners to renew their spiritual devotion; however, many conservative clergymen in the Church of England viewed the young preacher’s emotional appeal with distaste and prevented him from speaking at their churches. Finding his access to Anglican churches limited, Whitefield instead turned to open-air preaching. This approach proved so successful that he soon drew crowds approaching 100,000 souls. Whitefield soon turned his eyes toward Country, where the Wesleys had gone as missionaries in 1735. Although his Oxford compatriots had mixed success in the young Georgia colony, they urged him to follow their example. Whitefield decided to see Georgia with his own eyes and to find out what role the New World might play in his future.

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