La Belle France. For many France is food, France is wine, France is an assorted bouquet of palaces and places.

After England, France is second in popularity for American tourists traveling to Europe. About 900,000 visit there each year. Somfe thirty million visitors each year leave more than $7 billion. The French spend close to $6 billion a year in foreign travel.

Like London, Paris has two principal airports, De Gaulle and Orly. Be sure you know which one you are leaving from. They are miles apart. The traffic in and out of these airports makes Paris the second busiest air center in Europe after London.

August is the best time to visit because the Parisians have departed in droves on vacation, and just as well. Paris is known for its high prices and some say that Paris would be a nice place if it were not for the Parisians. Don’t expect the French police to be courteous. They won’t disappoint you. Make fun of them and you land in jail.

The French are not your smiling, friendly hosts. The British visit France more than any other foreign country yet in one survey only two percent of the British respondents said they were fond of the French. Being fluent in French makes the visitor much more acceptable.

Why shouldn’t the visitor, asks the Frenchman, learn French, the most civilized language in the world?

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