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Accra Map Tourist Attractions To Charlotte
Best Slice of History: Once the home of a prominent doctor, the Queen Anne-style Costner House is now a pizzeria that retains much of its original charm Grab a slice and admire the historic home (H COSTNER HOUSE). H Best Architecture: The Earle Sumner Draper House is a stunning Tudor home on Queens Road that has caused a lot of heads to turn. It was designed as a living showroom for prospective clients of landscape architect Earle Sumner Draper (Q EARLE SUMNER DRAPER HOUSE). a Best Place to Find Peace: The outdoor labyrinth at Myers Park Baptist Church is based on the 14th-century path at Chartres cathedral in France (Q MYERS PARK BAPTIST CHURCH). a Most Interesting Library: The Billy Graham Library is more than just a bunch of books; the on-site museum highlights the life and work of spiritual leader Billy Graham (H BILLY GRAHAM LIBRARY!

On weekends, they took turns running the tasting room in Accra Map Tourist Attractions the family’s weathered shack along the road. As they expanded their Bordeaux-based portfolio to include Accra Map Tourist Attractions Rhone-, Burgundy-, and Cal-Italian-style wines, they earned a reputation for exquisite quality and irreverent fun. The winemaking operation eventually outgrew the old barn, and in 2009 Dore and Wathen opened a new solar-powered tasting room and winery down the road from their historic tasting shack. Sided with earth- toned redwood, the buildings resemble western barns and have monitor-style roofs for added light and air flow. Mounted on the warehouse roof, 216 solar panels provide nearly all of the facility’s energy needs. Dense plantings of native California species flourish in wide beds and a bio-swale that nearly surrounds the property.

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